Microsoft to bring Full Linux Kernel in Windows 10

Linux Kernel in Windows 10
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Microsoft is going to roll out another interesting feature in the next update of Windows 10. It has announced that Microsoft will ship a full Linux kernel in Windows 10. Some users might be wondering that Linux was a sworn enemy of Microsoft at a time. But the advancement of technology has led them together and yes, Linux is going to roll out with Windows 10.

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Linux Kernel in Windows 10
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Microsoft has already uploaded Ubuntu and mint on its official Microsoft store. And in the latest update, Windows files were accessible through the Linux instances. In a meet, Microsoft said that this time they will include an in-house custom-built Linux kernel which would help to launch the latest version of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

Linux kernel will not be rolled out as a software, but it will be added as a component in the latest update of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft added that it is a great moment for both Linux and Microsoft as they are going to collaborate and they are even thrilled to tell some more about the features and functionality of this update.

If you are willing for the latest version of Kernel, then you might have to face the state of disappointment. This is so because Microsoft has already opted for long term support as for now. The kernel that will be included in the updated version of Windows 10 will be version 4.19. If you have used Linux kernel, then you must be knowing that it is the most stable version release by Linux yet.

Microsoft also announced that the kernel will be redesigned so as to reduce memory footprint. Moreover, this will also help in reducing start-up times. Therefore, for now, Microsoft not only talks but has now confirmed that Microsoft will ship a full Linux kernel in Windows 10.

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