Is Microsoft Windows 10 the last savior?

Windows 10 the last savior
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Yes, we do think so. This is because when Windows 10 was launched back in 2015, Microsoft itself stated that after this they won’t release another new version of windows. This clearly states that Microsoft will only send updates for the OS and no new version will be launched.

If you regularly update your Windows then you must be knowing about the two major updates namely Anniversary Update and Creators Update. These two features came packed with quite new and amazing features which optimized the operating system and made it more smooth to be used.

Why is Microsoft just updating Windows 10 rather than bringing out a new one?

Windows is that operating system which is used by more than half of the people living across the globe. In this case, providing proper updates with proper stability is quite necessary. If the operating system will not be properly stable, most of the people will abandon using it.

Windows 10 the last saviour

The perfect example to support our argument is the launch of Windows Vista after the launch of Windows XP. If you are an old user of Windows then you must be knowing that earlier, Windows XP was considered to be the best operating system across the globe. This was because it was quite affordable and moreover, it was quite simple and smooth. The User Interface of Windows XP was quite amazing.

After Windows XP, Windows Vista was launched which was hated by a great percentage of the persons. It happened just because of some faults in Windows Vista. Actually, Microsoft wanted to try new things for the betterment of its customers. But the product could not become much successful as the Windows XP could become. If you haven’t used Windows XP yet, then you are really missing something.

Basically, Microsoft has experienced the good to bad to good cycle. Now, you must be wondering about what is that good to bad to good cycle? If you have used all the versions of Microsoft Windows, then you will understand it much better.

When Windows XP was launched, it was liked by a huge percentage of Windows OS users. It was because of the simple and smooth design. Then after it, Windows Vista was launched which was not liked by a huge percentage of people. It was because of the users experienced some kind of lag. Moreover, the design and build quality were not up to the mark. To know the features of a fully loaded Windows XP, checkout here.  

Windows xp

Therefore, going in a step to upgrade, Microsoft got deep down and lost many customers. Now, from here the cycle started. Microsoft was gone good to bad. Then after all this, it launched the Windows 7 which is the best selling Windows manufactured by Microsoft. Now, this got to good to bad to good. Isn’t this full of humor? Yes, it is.

From Windows 7 to Windows 8

To add more to this cycle, Microsoft launched another Windows which was named as Microsoft Windows 8. This was also not much successful as windows 7 was. Not many customers updated their OS to Windows 8. Neither they installed a new copy of Windows 8. Therefore, the cycle was going on and at this time, it again came on good to bad to good to bad.

After all this, you all aware of the launch of Microsoft Windows 10. This one is a good product from Microsoft and quite stable too. Therefore, this was the cycle in which Microsoft was struck. This cycle made Microsoft realize the needs of their customers.

After a little bit of time, Microsoft took a decision about not to further launch new Windows OS and to make Windows 10 more better. This will be actually done by sending new updates with respect to time. From trusted sources, we came to know that Windows 7 still holds 35% of Windows share market. Whereas, Windows 10 holds about 50%.

When compared to the iOs version, it is considered to be the cheap software and expensive hardware. Whereas, Windows OS is considered to be cheap hardware and expensive software. Therefore, for the betterment of its customers, Microsoft is just sticking to Windows 10 version and working hard to make it more and better.

While the launching of Windows 10, a Microsoft employee named as Jerry Nixon said that “Right now we’re releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we’re all still working on Windows 10”. This clearly proves that Microsoft will no more launch other versions of Windows, at least in numbers.

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Now Microsoft regularly sends updates to Windows 10. It also updates the installed apps such as Office for Windows 10. This makes it more optimized and smooth to be used. This also reflects that only Windows 10 will get regularly updated instead of launching a new Windows OS in every two to three years.

Actually, this is a great idea which Microsoft has applied. Everything in this world has its pros and cons. This idea too has some of the pros and some of the cons. But the quantity of cons is quite less and is quite ignorable. Microsoft has stated that for a lump sum period of time, they will optimize Windows 10 only by regularly sending the updates. These updates will add up some new and exciting features too.

Microsoft windows 10

Many of the people just want an optimized version of Windows. For office workers or students, a version of Windows which could help them in doing daily tasks without any glitch is the best. For gamers, a version of Windows which is compatible with all their games is the best. Therefore, if Microsoft will provide all these features by sending regular updates to Windows 10, then the number in front of Windows will just remain a number and will not reflect any effect.


Therefore, this was all about the question “Why is Microsoft just updating Windows 10 rather than bringing out a new one”? Now, we are pretty sure that you must have got the reason about Is Microsoft Windows 10 the last savior? If you are currently using Windows 10 and updating it regularly, then you must have realized that it is the best version of Windows OS launched yet.