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February 5, 2020

Microsoft Wraps up Its Best Year
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Microsoft Wraps up Its Best Year

According to a recent report by Jordan Novet of CNBC, Microsoft finished the best year in a decade. Although for most people and myself, this doesn’t feel strange or unexpected. For the past few years, I have come across so many reports suggesting Microsoft’s dominance in the Tech World.

Since the 90s, the company hadn’t seen much improvement in terms of stock price performance. After the rise of Microsoft in the 90s—when the company had seen 9,562% gain in the stock prices– it was in the past decade that the company saw some improvement in the stock prices. 

Microsoft Wraps up Its Best Year

For the decade 2010-2019, Microsoft’s share went up by 417%. A lot better than the 2000-2009 decade. As of January 2020, the stock price of Microsoft is on a rise. It hit 160.09 USD on 9th January 2020–the highest in the last six months.

Some Key Points That Lead Microsoft to Become a Tech Giant Again in 2020

1) CEO Satya Nadella’s contributions: Satya Nadella worked his way up the corporate ladder in Microsoft. On 4th February 2014, he was announced as the Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors of Microsoft. Since then, he has done a tremendous job in bringing Microsoft’s original philosophy into practice. He also rebranded the company as more of a “productivity company” than a tech firm.

2) Development of Xbox Series X: The new home gaming console Xbox Series X will be enabled with the latest technologies like USB-A ports, ethernet, a single HDMI port, and optical audio. This console appears a lot like a black refrigerator. The design is unique and sensible. 

Microsoft Wraps up Its Best Year

3) Landing huge government project deals: In case you didn’t hear, Microsoft has bagged a couple of huge government projects in 2019. In August 2019, they won the bid for a project (worth $8 billion) to provide Microsoft office software for the Pentagon office in Washington DC, USA. Furthermore, Microsoft’s President Brad Smith, later in the year, announced the company’s plans to invest $1.5 million in the Bridge Accelerator program in Mexican border town, Ciudad Juárez. 

What Do People on Twitter Think About Microsoft’s Resurgence Since the Arrival of Sataya Nadella as the CEO? 

Microsoft’s worldwide sales partner Alyssa Fitzpatrick said the following after the arrival of the new year: “Very exciting to start a new decade with so much momentum! Don’t miss this great recap of the last 10 years plus a look at what’s ahead for MSPartners”

A fan of Microsoft’s products Lauren Springer from Seattle said “Let’s do this 2020! This year the company won a major government contract and saw companies adopting its latest technology“.

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