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A saddle is one of the most sought-after items in the Minecraft game but turns out, you can’t make or craft a saddle on the crafting table or in the furnace. Unlike almost every other thing in Minecraft, a saddle cannot be created. So, wondering how to create a saddle is futile because you need to obtain it by looking for it in either creative mode or survival mode.

Looking for a guide that talks about how to craft a saddle? You have arrived at the right place! Although a saddle can’t be crafted, you’ll find several ways to find it in your Minecraft game.

How to Craft a Saddle in the Minecraft Game: Top 6 Methods

Table of Contents

Finding Saddle inside Chests

  • Dungeon Chests (Has a chance of 28.3%)

You can also get a saddle as a loot item in the underground dungeons. Dungeons are small rooms that house a monster spawn point along with several chests.

  • Nether Fortress (Has a chance of 35.3%)

The Nether Fortress could contain several chests and each one of them would have a couple of exciting rewards. But, to travel into the Nether, you have to develop a Nether Portal with flint, steel, and obsidian blocks. The chests inside the Nether Fortress could get you the Saddle along with several other items.

  • Desert Temples (Has a Chance of 23.5%)

You will find a hole in the flooring of the desert temple’s floor that leads to a chamber underneath it. Four chests would be waiting there for you packed with saddle, horse armor, rotten flesh, string, and much more.

  • End City (Has a chance of 13.3%)

End City consists of an item called End Ship that can produce a saddle and several other rewards. But, to reach the End City, you need to first go to the End and then triumph over the Ender Dragon. Then, you have to make use of an Ender Pearl and travel through a small portal to arrive at the End City.

  • Jungle Temples (Has a chance of 12.9%)

Jungle Temples are not easy to find in between the vines and foliage. These temples have mossy cobblestones and vines. You need to climb down the stairs and get rid of all the traps laid inside and retrieve the treasures that include a saddle along with other items.

  • Village Chests

Village blacksmiths and tanners could also provide you with chests. The chances of finding a saddle with a Blacksmith is 16.2% and Tanners is 17.3%. You need to transport yourself to a villager’s building by using a command called village finder.

Other places to find chests containing saddles are Stronghold Altars (2.5%) and Savanna Village Chests (11.3%).

While Fishing

Finding a saddle while fishing is possible. But don’t get your hopes high here because the chances are around 1% or so. However, if the player regularly fishes in the game, then they might get the opportunity of obtaining a saddle. So, to do the same, first, you need to craft a fishing rod.

You just need 3 sticks and 2 pieces of string. Again, you can craft sticks with wooden planks and strings acquired from spiders (their cobwebs). After you have obtained these raw materials, just position the sticks diagonally from the crafting grid’s bottom-left to the top-right. Then, place the strings in the remaining two slots at the right.

Now, try fishing in any water body because the results do not depend on the location you are fishing at. Keep an eye on the bobber of the fishing reel to know when to start reeling.

If you want a saddle or some treasure, then using the lure enchantment on your fishing rod will increase your chances of obtaining it. Moreover, enchanting it with the 3rd level of the Luck of the Sea can enhance the chances from 0.84% to 1.77% of obtaining the saddle.

By Enabling Cheats

There are several answers to the question of how to craft a saddle but the shortest way to get your hands on a saddle in your world. The two methods to enable cheats are as follows: If you haven’t yet created a new world, then you need to go to the Create menu and enable cheats. Else, if you have already created a new world, then select the “Open to LAN” option from the Pause menu and click on “Allow Cheats” to turn it on. Every item that Minecraft can offer will be put in the inventory.

Another way to cheat and get a saddle is to open your world in the Creative mode. Then, open the chat window and enter “/gamemode c”. Now, a list of all the available items will be shown from where you need to select the option saddle. Just grab your saddle and start using it.

At Abandoned Mineshafts

Mineshafts can be found underground covered in cobwebs and across the surface of the Badlands biomes. These mine shafts are the residing place of skeletons, spiders, and other such nasty creatures.

By Trading With a Leatherworker Villager

If you play Minecraft on the PC or console, then you will get the opportunity to trade items for emeralds with villagers. So, if you come across a leatherworker villager (wears a white apron), then you stand a high chance of obtaining a saddle from him via third-tier trading. Keep in mind that you need 6 emeralds for this trade.

Note: You can’t trade items in the Minecraft PE version.

Killing a Ravager

Ravagers are a type of beasts that attack villagers. So, naturally, you will find them close to the villages. They travel in groups of five and carry pillagers. Also, the non-mounted ravagers are seen in mobs of 3 to 7. You can also come across them nearby the Pillager Outposts. 

Deciding to fight them is a daring move indeed because they are very hostile. So, approach them with adequate preparation. Make sure you have arms like a ranged weapon, diamond sword, iron golems, etc.

Final Words

That was the answer to how to craft a saddle in Minecraft. By now, we do know that a saddle cannot be made like other items in Minecraft, but it can be obtained for sure. Some of the given methods offer a high chance of procuring a saddle while some have slim chances. Keep all of these in mind and opt for a couple of these to successfully obtain a saddle.

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