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There come a lot of situations when you really feel the necessity to check your kid’s hold on the social media platform. Even sometimes you start to have some usual observations towards your kid’s behavior especially when they use their phones or internet. These things make you feel the necessity to trace the activities of your children but “how” keeps you in many confusions.


However, the advanced technology allows you to do so without letting your kid(s) know about anything. You must be thinking that in order to do so, you need some advanced and technical knowledge of computer and applications.

All you need to have is the basic knowledge of online tools and usage. There are spying tools which make your work easier. Spy app tool such as keylogger is helpful if you intend to check or trace every step being taken on a particular device.

There would be so many reasons behind your want of spying your kids. It is, indeed, important to keep a check upon your kid so to make sure they aren’t cyber bullied by anyone or onto some wrong path.

Spy app tools help you in various ways giving you every detail and without your kids knowing about the same.

Social Media Tracking

Various spy app tools help you get the passwords of any social media app, be it Facebook, twitter etc. By getting passwords, you can straightly trace the messages your child exchanges, and track your child’s phone without them knowing.

You can access to so many things by just having the passwords of respective accounts. And for this, you will need spy app tools.

Apps like mSpy give you an option of making the app invisible in your phone so that your kid doesn’t find that anytime. This lets you keep a check on your kids without giving them any hint about the same.

Call recordings and logs

Some apps allow you to have an access on to record the calls and that recordings will be available at your control panel without letting your kids know about it. You can also have details of call logs and SMS being sent and received by your kids.

Every spy app has its own functions and features but each of the apps provide you the major feature of monitoring your child’s activity secretly and safely. It is very important to keep a brief look on your kid and it becomes more important to check when you notice an unusual behavior of them.

Such apps help you trace and monitor your kid’s social media activities without them knowing. From call recordings to social media platforms, to can have access of everything at your control panel and you can also hide the icon of the respective spy app you’re using.

As far as the privacy is concerned, keylogger gives you a detailed access on the buttons and tabs opened in the target device. So, you can now keep a check on your kid’s social activities without letting them know.

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