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Internet Outage is defined as an issue with the internet connection between the computer and the server. Many factors cause internet outages. This article will give reasons for internet outage as well as its solutions. However, before we jump to the causes of internet outages, please note that these outages can also occur from your provider’s end, making it impossible for you to get internet access. Thankfully, there is a solution to everything. If you are using Spectrum internet and cannot access the internet,  get in touch with Spectrum internet customer support to resolve the problem. So, without further ado, let’s discuss the causes of internet outages and their solutions except calling the customer support of your isp.  


Internet Censorship

Internet censorship refers to authorities taking control of access to the internet. The purpose to impose censorship is to prevent children from visiting undesirable and inappropriate websites. Some websites include material that may be detrimental for children, for instance, bomb-making guides, hacking tutorials, and pornography. Parents feel anxious that their children might encounter websites, which provide harmful content. Other than that, companies inhibit access to social media websites to prevent their employees from getting distracted and waste time. Employees tend to lose focus when they have unlimited access. 


A couple of measures can be taken to prevent censorship. First of all, parents should turn on safe search. They should inform their children to look for the padlock sign in the search bar, before visiting a website. Parents should frequently pay attention to their children whilst they are accessing the internet. To ensure their child’s safety, parents can install keyboard monitoring software. These software monitor keyboard presses and online searches along with websites visited. Numerous websites, nowadays, have innate parental control. Secondly, companies are advised to limit the use of social media by setting time alerts. Since employees require leisure time, they should be allowed to access social media once or twice a day for a specific time. This would enable companies to improve their productivity by providing employees more leverage over work. 

Cyber Attacks

Cyber-attack is a criminal offense where an intruder gets unauthorized access to somebody’s account without their permission. A cyber-criminal may steal, modify or delete useful data and information. During recent years, several cyber-attacks have led to internet outages, which have further disturbed businesses that lost a large amount of confidential data. There are various types of cyber-attacks including drive-by and DoS attacks. Drive-by attacks usually occur through internet browsers. When users visit an infected website, hackers transmit malware software on their computers to steal their private information. This leads to blockage and disruption of the components of the network making it unworkable. DoS attack occurs when attackers flood a network with digital traffic until the site becomes irresponsive. As a result, the network slows down and users are unable to visit websites and access online services.


Users could use various tips and tricks to avoid cyber-attacks from taking place. To start with, users should install anti-malware software such as Emsisoft Emergency Kit and AVG AntiVirus Free. To avoid DoS attacks users should install prevention and threat managing systems. Users must combine VPN, anti-spam and firewalls as it would allow continuous and reliable network protection. Furthermore, users should ensure that their system includes the latest version and that they are frequently updating the software. Making use of obsolete systems would make your computer more vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, always use updated software to enhance the protection of your data.

Network Congestion

Network congestion occurs when the internet route has more users than its limit. This causes the connection to be unstable and it turns out to be sluggish. As a result, the data packets are unable to transfer network signals to data-hungry devices causing an internet outage. At the moment, let’s have a look at the reasons for congestion. Firstly, it is caused by too many hosts located in a single network domain. This leads to a network overload. Hence, devices experience connection interruptions. Another reason for the congestion is an error in the network design. The layout needs to be effective in order to certify that each part of the network is linked together. Using poor cables and choosing a low bandwidth would be worthless.


There are certain methods to discard congestion. One has to prioritize traffic; the network should treat unnecessary applications as low priority and vice versa. Other than that, the network service providers should wish for good infrastructure to increase its performance. The internet network is divided into subsets. The subset needs to have a suitable size according to the number of devices demanding data. The users must increase their bandwidth to enable the network to transfer heaps of data in a restricted time. Additionally, the cable should be of good quality to handle high data transfer speeds.


This article aids the readers to figure out the reasons for internet outages and how they can discover its solutions.

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