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Just a few months after Sony confirmed the release date of the much-awaited PS5, a Japanese journalist claims that Sony has plans to launch one more console alongside. The PS5 is set to be released somewhere between October and December 2020. 

Even Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is set to release in the same timeframe. So, why would Sony release a new console? That too without investing in any promotions or advertisements. Maybe they want to shock the gaming community.

A report published in GameRant says that Sony’s second console is not going to be affordable for everyone. Zenji Nishikawa, a Japanese journalist estimates it to be even pricier than Xbox Series X. Although the report from GameRant and a lot of other gaming blogs claim that the news was leaked by a vetted industry expert, there is no evidence. 

It is true that VFXVeteran, a NeoGaf user did publish a post sharing how Microsoft and Sony are planning to shock the world by releasing a second gaming console, but there is no evidence. Neither Sony nor Microsoft has made a public announcement yet. Only time can tell the truth. Nevertheless, there are plenty of rumors coming in and there is a lot to be excited about.

More Rumors on the Second ps5 Gaming Console Leak

On 2nd March 2020, an anonymous person shared a post on Reddit saying that the Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa had already leaked the information (in September 2019) to NeoGaf staff members. But the story was kept a secret. The post also confirmed that VFXVeteran shared the information on the forum immediately after hearing it from his sources (whose identities he prefers not to disclose). 

Furthermore, the post also confirms that Zenji had posted a video on YouTube saying Sony will be releasing a Pro model alongside the PS5. This explains the reason behind the rumors on its high price. This new console will have many more features than the basic model. Expect it to be a limited edition product. 

The PS5 basic version is estimated to cost around $500. Zenji predicts that the Pro version will cost $100-$150 more. I am guessing the new version will be priced around $650-$700. Sony wants to make sure that an avid gamer who is willing to pay any price for more quality and features, gets what he/she wants. Judging from the comments on Reddit, the second version of Sony’s gaming console is going to be a big hit.

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