Not All CBD Products Are Created Equal

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Not All CBD Products Are Created Equal

Both in the marketing and media world, CBD products are often generalized under one umbrella. News articles discussing the potential health benefits of CBD talk about all CBD products as if they are the same. 

In reality, not all CBD products are the same, and the way they are created determines the effects they have. Every brand has its techniques and recipes. For example, PureKana CBD products contain more naturally sourced ingredients when compared to other products on the market.

Understanding the most common differences in CBD products can help customers spot the best CBD for sale. And help determine which options are suitable for specific situations.

Here are some of the differences in how CBD products are created and how it affects the final product. 

#1 Where CBD Is Sourced From

There are many different strains of hemp plants, and each one will contain a slightly different ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes. While it might appear that the minor difference in compounds doesn’t affect the final product, this is far from true. Different strains can significantly impact both the effects and the flavor profile of a product.

Some brands like PureKana, source all of their hemp plants from a single source. By sourcing all hemp plants from just one farm, PureKana can ensure consistency across their product range.

However, not every brand takes this approach; many brands source their hemp plants from multiple suppliers. While there is nothing wrong with sourcing hemp in this way, it can make it trickier to ensure consistency for customers.  

#2 How Is CBD Extracted 

There are several methods for extracting CBD from hemp plants. The technique used is important as it can affect quality and potency. 

The extraction method will also determine the type of CBD used to create the final product. Full-spectrum CBD, for example, uses gentle extraction and filtration methods, ensuring that all of the cannabinoids and terpenes within the plant are retained. 

On the other hand, CBD isolate products undergo much more intensive filtration processes to ensure that all compounds other than CBD have been removed. Broad-spectrum CBD products offer a middle ground with some but not all cannabinoids and terpenes having been extracted. 

The type of CBD used in a product is essential as it can affect both the flavor of the product and the effects that it has. Full-spectrum CBD products tend to have a slightly stronger and bitter taste due to the terpenes that they contain. CBD isolate products are often recommended for people who find the taste of CBD oils too intense.

In terms of the differences in effects, it is thought that full-spectrum products trigger the entourage effect due to the range of different cannabinoids that they contain. Early studies have shown that it can enhance the effectiveness of CBD. Despite this, CBD isolate products are popular too. 

#3 Differences in Ingredients 

As well as CBD type, consumers should also be aware of additional ingredients. These differences tend to be the most noticeable in CBD edibles or topicals as they require a more complex list of ingredients.

However, the quality and types of ingredients used can vary significantly across most CBD products and can affect both quality and effectiveness. 

Products made using artificial flavorings and coloring tend to be slightly cheaper than those made using 100% natural ingredients. While this difference is not thought to impact the effectiveness of CBD, it can still have the same adverse effects that are associated with artificial ingredients in other foods and cosmetics. 

#4 Quality Checks 

Most reputable CBD brands now provide complete lab reports for all of their products. These reports should break down exactly what hemp compounds are present in the product and check for any dangerous contaminants.

Unfortunately, not every brand makes their lab reports easily accessible to customers. This puts buyers in a difficult position, as they aren’t entirely sure what they are consuming. 

Lab reports are essential for consumers. They provide an extra layer of assurance that the products being used are made using safe ingredients and conform to the CBD regulations in their country of origin. These reports can also allow consumers to compare products across brands, making it easier to decide which products are the best in any given situation.