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Finally, Microsoft admits that outlook hackers were able to access emails. This security breach was quite worse than the company told. But after the whole identification, it has been found that the emails of millions of people were hacked down. Moreover, the data was also stolen which resulted in break-down of privacy issues.

After the company came to know, they started notifying the people who were the victim. They stated that the emails of some people have been accessed from for several months before this year. After this, Microsoft started sending a notification to the users about the emails being hacked.

Microsoft Admits Outlook Hacks
Img Source- Microsoft

Those emails contained a lot of private information, folders, and files. Microsoft added that all the data has been opened and viewed. In starting, Microsoft pushed this notification to only six percent of the people that were affected by this breach. When some evidence with screenshots were presented in front of them, then finally admitted that the security breach was far worse than they were told.

These emails were not only hacked for a day or two, but the hackers were also using the data for six months. Vice’s motherboard again added that the hacked emails were used for resetting the iCloud details of lost Apple iPhones. One of the spokespeople of Microsoft told that the issue of emails hacked for 6 months is inaccurate. This clears that they may be hacked for a longer duration.

The unbelievable thing about Microsoft is that even now it is not ready to reveal how many users were affected by this security breach. Hacking of your personal emails leads to stealing of your private data which can be used for blackmailing or threatening purposes.

The users were alerted when ‘THE VERGE‘ gave a statement regarding this security breach. The worse thing about is that even after all these situations, they refused to admit that its users have been affected and their data has been stolen until it was proved by showing a screenshot.

Microsoft has now considered this problem and for the safety of its users, it has started investigating and looking over to increase the security level.

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