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Installing apps from Google Play is consecrated; at least, most people think all apps from Google Play are safe and genuine. But do you know some Google Store apps aren’t your friends? These nine apps can steal your data and share it with third-party sites or even steal money from your bank account, so delete them straightaway.You can also find more content concerning this topic on computer science helper.

Phone apps

Weather Apps

Despite their popularity, weather apps are blacklisted in most markets. A recent study found that some weather apps have an integrated Trojan that collects user’s data and shares it with attackers. Don’t be fooled by the nominal value these apps are adding to your life; delete them now.

Social Media Apps

Social media apps are fancy solutions for those looking to pass time by joining a network of potential friends across the globe. However, these apps consume lots of battery energy and tend to kill phone batteries with time. Uninstall any social media app on your smartphone today, and watch as your battery lasts longer.


Phone optimizer apps aren’t anything new. They’ve been with us long enough. Sadly, they kill the phone’s battery and slow down its operation with tons of ad popups. Modern smartphones have integrated phone optimizing systems, so why stress up your phone by installing optimizers?

Built-in Browsers

Built-in browsers are a throw. They’re slow and downgrade your phone’ system performance. Also, the built-in browser doesn’t offer the best results. Their performance is quite below.

Antivirus Apps

The need to protect phone owners against data breaches and hacking engineered the birth of antivirus apps. At first, antivirus applications were a fully-functional and highly efficient countermeasure. Unfortunately, after some time, hackers couldn’t stay out of the hacking and data-stealing business, and so they started creating custom antivirus apps that could steal personal data.

RAM Increasing Apps

RAM optimizing apps don’t actually do what they promise. The apps don’t do anything besides the temporal clearing of caches. Modern smartphones have in-built functions that enable them to clear phone caches to release up more memory and allow the phones to work more efficiently. These are useless apps that waste your phone’s resources while still collecting your phone data.

High-Dense Browser Apps

High-dense apps with browser features such as video watching and content streaming. Sadly, these apps have built-in ads, which are extremely annoying and tend to slow your phone. Also, these apps need to access many of your system’s parts, including managing phone calls, which is quite risky.

Lie Detectors

Lie detectors are just for fun apps. Phones don’t have biometric sensors, and so these apps can’t honestly read the heart rate changes. Why add these apps to your smartphone, knowing thoroughly well they don’t add any value to your smartphone. Considering they access your data, contacts, and shorten the life of your battery, why don’t you delete them for good.

Defragmentation Apps

The last choice of harmful apps to delete from your phone are the ones responsible for system defragmentation. Phones don’t have hard drivers, so these apps can’t actually defragment them. Rather, they just analyze the total spacing consumed by different apps, while still collecting and exploiting user’s personal data.

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