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January 26, 2024

Passvers Activation Lock Bypasser: Best iCloud Bypass Tool
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Passvers Activation Lock Bypasser: Best iCloud Bypass Tool

Purchased a pre-owned Apple device but found that you are locked out by the Activation Lock? You’ve come to the right place. Here we will review the software Passvers Activation Lock Bypasser, one of your best iCloud bypassing tools.

When the Find My function on an Apple device is turned on, the Activation Lock is automatically enabled. You will need to enter the Apple ID username and password when you restart the device. This is useful if your iOS device is lost or stolen, but sometimes it’s a hassle if you buy a second-hand iPhone/iPad, or if you’ve forgotten your Apple ID and password. In this case, you need a reliable iCloud bypassing tool, and Passvers Activation Lock Bypasser is our recommendation for you.

Passvers Activation Lock Bypasser: Features and Highlights

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We summarize some important features and highlights of the Passvers Activation Lock Bypasser. Before you download the software, check if it meets your needs.

  • A professional iCloud bypass tool.

You can bypass the Activation Lock even without an Apple ID username and password.

  • Help you enjoy your iOS device as usual.  

You are allowed to sign in with a new Apple ID and use all your Apps as you did, or purchase from the Apple Store and iTunes with this new Apple ID  after bypassing the Activation Lock. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about sudden lockdowns and remote controls from possible previous owners.

  • Powerful but easy to use.

The operation interface and user instructions are clear. You can complete the bypass process in just a few steps, no technical skills are required.

  • Multifunctional and highly compatible.

This is a professional iOS unlocker. The software not only bypasses iCloud Activation Lock, but also removes Apple ID, Screen Time passcode, and MDM restrictions from iPhone/iPad. And it supports iPhone 4 and above, including the latest iPhone 15 and iPods/iPads.

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Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Without Password Using Passvers

Powerful as it is, the Passvers Activation Lock Bypasser requires only a few steps to finish the bypassing process. The instructions are as follows:

Preparation: Jailbreaking the iOS Device

Before you bypass the iCloud Activation Lock with Passvers, you need to jailbreak your iOS device.

If you are using a Mac, go to checkra1n, click Get the beta now,and download the jailbreaking tool. Launch the checkra1n and follow the onscreen instructions to jailbreak your iOS device. Note that the software supports only iOS 12.0 – 14.5.1. Make sure you are using the proper vision.

Note: The jailbreaking process on a Mac is a bit different compared to on a Windows PC. We recommend jailbreaking your iOS device on a Mac as it is easier for you to do so.

Process: How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Without Password Using Passvers

After jailbreaking your iOS device, check if your iPhone/iPad is fully charged, and your computer has enough space for the bypassing process. Then, there are only a few steps to follow:

  • Step 1. Launch the Software and press the lower-right Bypass iCloud Activation Lock.

The software will detect the device configuration automatically to check if your device has been properly connected to the computer. After that, confirm the basic information of your device, and click Start Bypassing Activation.

  • Step 2. iCloud Activation Lock bypassing process begins.

The iCloud Activation Lock bypassing process begins once you click the Start button. Just wait for the process to be done. Make sure that your device is connected to the computer during the entire process.

  • Step 3. Press OK when the bypassing process is finished.

You can now log in to your iPhone/iPad with a new Apple ID.

Note: You can now access your iPhone/iPad with your new Apple ID. You can use all apps on the device as usual, but there will be limitations on calls, data, and iCloud. Please do not restart your iPhone/iPad after you successfully bypass the iCloud Activation Lock, otherwise, the Activation Lock will appear again.

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Why Choose Passvers?

After going through the above content, probably you’ve got the key information about Passvers, but we would like to introduce more detailed features about why you can choose Passervs as your iOS unlocking tool.

  • Efficient and Safe. You can finish the bypassing process in a few simple steps and regain control of your iOS device in a short time! A 100% successful bypass is guaranteed if you follow the instructions.
  • User Friendly. The user interface is clear and the operation is simple. No annoying ads.
  • Timely Updates. The software offers regular and timely updates to fix possible issues and to fit the newest iOS models.
  • All-in-one iOS unlocker. Passvers not only helps you to bypass iCloud Activation Lock. It can also remove Apple ID and MDM profiles from iPhone/iPad, unlock your iPhone/iPad screen, and remove iTunes backup encryption. 


In this article, we review the iOS unlocking tool Passvers Activation Lock Bypasser, discuss its important features, and how to bypass iCloud Activation Lock with Passvers. It serves to be your best iOS unlocking tool for its high efficiency, safety, and powerful functions. If you’ve bought a second-hand iPhone/iPad and found it is locked by the Activation Lock, or just simply forget your Apple ID but need to use your device right away, free download and try it! It can help you regain the basic functions of iOS devices in just a few minutes.

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