PC Games That Are Super Easy To Learn

PC Games
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Does it take you hours to type a simple email? Is a video game controller likely to tie your fingers in knots? Does the idea of playing a game on your PC fill you with dread rather than enthusiasm?

Well, all your PC gaming woes are about to be banished forever, with these incredibly easy-to-play games that will make you wonder why you never played them before.


Are you ready to transform yourself into an online gaming machine?

Classics Endure Because of How Accessible They Are

Most of the games that are to be found online these days are ultra-modern affairs, with player avatars battling aliens and flying around in futuristic spaceships.

However, if getting to grips with the controls of an alien space vessel sounds a bit too tricky for you, then there are PC games from bygone eras that have since been upgraded for the contemporary gamer.

Some of the best of these are old arcade and casino classics, such as pinball, blackjack, and slots, all of which are very easy to get to grips with. The only thing that can be befuddling is finding where exactly to play such games, with so many online operators vying for your business; this is why taking a peek at an easy-to-use comparison site like Oddschecker is always a good idea before you go signing up to some site run by internet cowboys and bandits. Trustworthy sites normally offer new customers handy free spins bonuses too.

Just remember that some of these games will require you to deposit real money in order for you to play, so take that into consideration before you start button bashing or telling the dealer to stick or twist.

Many games can now be played on multiple devices

Pleasing Puzzlers Give You a Brain Massage

If you like your puzzles to be soothing and stress free, then there are plenty of new PC titles that are just right for you.

Want to recreate that escape room vibe? Then The Room is a good place to start. Though if you want to construct something you can be proud of, then why not give Infinifactory a try?

Games That Resemble Novels

If frantic gameplay and flashing lights are the last thing you need after a long day at work or a tiring weekend away, then sometimes it can be nice to find comfort in the pages of a good book, or perhaps a video game that tells a story much like a novel would.

To find out exactly what we mean by this you should really check out the likes of Firewatch and Her Story, with the latter throwing you into the midst of a murder mystery.