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One of the most popular games you will find on top casino sites is Plinko. It is loved by various players because it’s a game of luck that does need intricate strategies to win. Inspired by popular pachinko machines found in Japan, Plinko has first seen in the popular TV show The Price is Right.

The Price is Right is an American game show that has been on air since 1972. To start, participants are picked from the studio crowd. An expert panel of four asks for an estimate of the retail price of a particular product. The player who gets it closest without going over that amount is invited on stage to compete for additional prizes, such as furniture, vacations, and possibly even a brand-new automobile. If players are lucky enough, they can win large cash prizes and play Plinko.

To help you know more about this popular game of chance, let’s look at how the Plinko game is played on The Price is Right and some of the fun facts you should know.

What is Plinko?

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As mentioned, Plinko is the most popular game in The Price is Right. It was created by the show’s executive producer Frank Wayne in 1983. Players of the game are given the chance to win up to $50,000 and prizes under $100.

With its popularity, several cutting-edge casino developers made their version of Plinko which is now accessible on casino sites. In fact, it is considered one of the top luck-based games that offer generous prizes. 

Looking back to where it started

Plinko’s top prize of $25,000 was the largest ever offered on The Price Is Right in 1983 before CBS permanently abolished the limit on daytime game show winnings by 2006.

The ‘Plinko’ sign was released in 1983 when it was played for the third time. At first, the sign was placed at the back of the auditorium, near the stage. It was moved to the turntable in January 1984 and remained there until December 2002 when it was permanently replaced by a ‘$50,000’ sign.

Initially, the front of the Plinko board was open, allowing chips to bounce off the board and onto the stage. If this happens, the round is halted and should start from the top again. Placing a plexiglass cover over it in the fall of 1991 solved this problem.

How to play

To play Plinko in The Price is Right, a Plinko chip is provided to the contestant. Then, they can earn up to four additional chips by winning smaller prizes, resulting in a total of five chips. Each of the small prizes has a two-number price with an incorrect digit, which is given out one at a time. To win a second Plinko chip and a minor bonus, the contestant must choose the correct number.

The player then climbs a flight of steps to the apex of the Plinko board with the chips they’ve acquired. Each row of pegs on the board is displaced from the row before it. It has a total of nine slots labelled $100, $500, $1,000, $0, and $10,000 at the bottom of the board.

Each Plinko chip is laid flat against the top of the board by the contestant one at a time before it is released. Pegs deflect the chips as they fall, making it impossible to predict where they will land.

In addition, the board’s edges are zigzagged, allowing the chips to bounce back into the centre. A scoreboard next to the Plinko board displays a running count of how much money the chip lands in each slot.

Fun facts about The Price is Right’s Plinko

Ever since the Plinko game’s debut in 1983, there have been various iconic moments linked to the game. Not to mention, players who had the chance to win thousands of dollars thanks to their unbeatable luck. Let’s look at some of the fun facts from The Price is Right’s Plinko.

  • Plinko was first played on television by a woman named Judy. She won a total of $6,500.
  • People who have ‘come on down’ are even more fortunate to have a chance to play Plinko and win one of the ten special game chips. After each use, these chips are so valuable that they must be stored in a safe place.
  • In 2001, Kelly was the player who won the most out of Plinko. She won $23,000 with the $10,000 being hit twice.

Now that the Plinko game has an online version, players can now play this lucky game of chance on various casino sites. Just remember to only play at a reputable platform to enjoy the most out of your gaming experience.

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