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Popular Basketball Leagues

Basketball is a sport that enjoys a huge level of popularity in India and many other places around the world. Right now you can watch today basketball match live score on 1xBet, while also making some highly rewarding wagers.

There are plenty of entertaining competitions from all over the world. Some of them are:

  • the Euroleague;
  • the Liga ACB from Spain and Andorra;
  • the Basketbol Süper Ligi from Turkey;
  • and of course, the NBA.

All those competitions are incredibly entertaining and dynamic. Additionally, on 1xBet you can watch basketball matches taking place today and follow their live scores, which can be very helpful when betting.

The fantastic Basketbol Süper Ligi

Turkey has some incredibly talented basketball players and teams. Most of them take part in the Basketbol Süper Ligi, which is the top professional basketball competition in the country. Many teams of the competition have also gone on to have excellent participation at an European level. For this reason, make sure to visit whenever matches of this tournament are being played.

The competition features 16 teams. They play a regular league where each team faces all of its opponents both home and away. Once this stage ends, the teams that are ranked between the first and eight places go to the playoffs. From that point on, the winner is the team that defeats its opponent during that stage. You can visit 1xBet to wager on that exciting part of the tournament once it starts to be played.

Also, the last two teams of the tournament are relegated to the Turkish Basketball First League, which is the second level of the tournament. Teams like Anadolu Efes and Fenerbahçe are the most successful in this championship.

The non-football tournament that features Real Madrid and Barcelona

The Liga ACB is another entertaining European basketball competition. By the way, if you also like horse racing you can go to to wager on interesting events of that discipline.

This tournament was established in 1983. Just like in the Spanish La Liga football competition, Real Madrid and Barcelona are also the dominant squads in the Liga ACB. It is because of these reasons that the competition is the most popular domestic basketball tournament outside of the USA.

This championship has a similar format to the Basketbol Süper Ligi. There are 18 teams that play home and away games against all their rivals. The top eight squads go to the play-offs, and the lower two squads are relegated to the LEB Oro, which is the second level of Spanish basketball.

The Liga ACB has a team from Andorra too, which is MoraBanc Andorra. This squad can also be wagered on the 1xBet online betting platform.

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