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March 15, 2021

Rebatest: A Guide to the Best Cash Back Offers for Product Testers
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Rebatest: A Guide to the Best Cash Back Offers for Product Testers

Product testing is a good way to make money, gift or rebate. You may be wondering how? Rebatest is a platform that pays you cash back for ordering a product, testing it and writing a report on the product. If you bought a book from Amazon, you read the book then write a report about your experience of the book. If you got an office heater from Amazon, used the product, what you’re expected to do is write a report about your experience using the heater. Is it that simple to make money? Yes, it’s that simple but you have to look through our step-by-step guide to making cool cash on Rebatest.

To make money from product testing on Rebatest, you have to:

  • Sign Up: To make money on Rebatest, you have to sign up first. This enables you to create a user account with your profile. Your profile has your user details which identify that the account truly belongs to you. It’s like labelling the account in a way that makes you recognized as a user and accepting the terms and conditions provided.
  • Find the product you love: The first step is to identify the product you love. Loving a product means that you don’t easily get tired of using it. What that suggests is that you can use the product well, notice the outstanding features and the non-satisfactory features accordingly. You have to identify whether what you love is a bag, a notebook, a novel, a blanket, or rechargeable products. Knowing what product you love is a good way to start.
  • Apply for the product you love: The next step is to apply for the product you love. How do you do that? You apply for the selected product you love by opening the site, select your loved product and click on the icon ‘apply’. The benefit that comes from applying for the product you love is that you can share the link to earn rewards. Yes, Rebatest pays you extra cash for sharing the link of your loved product with your friends or acquaintances. You see how easy it is to make money.
  • Buy the product: The next step to take in making your cash back is to buy the product. Of course, you have to buy the product. It’s a simple process. You have to buy the product after you have selected it in the same way as you would buy other products on Amazon. To help you in the process, you should copy the Amazon order number. At this step, there’s something crucial you have to pay attention to. And that’s selecting ‘Buy this product on Amazon.’ Yes, it’s important you select that and buy the product from Amazon. That’s your sure way to make money or get gift items for your honest opinion about the product you’re buying.
  • Submit your order: After clicking on buy from Amazon, you then click on ‘Submit Amazon Order’. This helps you to send an order in form of a request and then wait for a confirmation notification. Now at this stage, you’re supposed to be using your registered account for the money-making process. If you don’t have a registered account yet, that means you have to create a profile for yourself on Rebatest to begin to enjoy the money-making offer. 
  • Write a trial report: The next step is to write a trial report. To do that, you have to first take delivery of the product you have ordered from Amazon, use it and write a report on your experience using it. Let’s say you have identified a smart wristwatch on Amazon, you then apply for it via Rebatest, then buy the product, make your order and have the product delivered to you. 

After the wristwatch has been delivered to you, then you check it out and use it. For a smart watch, there are some functions it should be able to perform like auto-set by connecting to the internet, usable for browsing, chargeable, and having a ringing timer. There are many other features that a smart watch can have. Your role is to buy the product, use it and write a report about the product on Rebatest to make money for yourself. 

The Take Away

It’s beautiful to know that Rebatest is a fast-paying platform that doesn’t delay when it comes to you getting rebates, in form of cash gifts or items. All you have to do is write your honest review about a product after using the product. The platform allows you to test products as many as you can handle. What does that mean for you? It means Rebatest sets you on the path to make cool money. That’s an easy way to live.

All you have to do is login to the rebatest site and create a profile and begin to enjoy the opportunities the platform offers. You should remember that you’re paid for your honesty on testing products from Amazon so you have to ensure that sincerity leads in writing your report on the product. 

Some people may feel not using the product but registering is fine and they can do that to make money. It’s best to know that not using the product isn’t a good way to test a product and a report based on that might not account for the product precisely and in totality.

To begin to make money on Rebatest, you have to identify a product you love. Then, you can now apply for it. Select the product and pay for the purchase. After this, you can now submit your Amazon order and get the product delivered to you. When you get the product, you use it and then write a trial report of the product – that is, you simply write about your experience when you used the product, whether your expectations were met or not. 

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