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February 6, 2017

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Scour Your Amazon Cloud Player by Removing Duplicate Songs. Having all your songs stored in Amazon’s Cloud Drive (ACD)? Great! Regardless of which songs you purchase, Amazon stores all of them automatically on ACD, which is nice.Now you can play them from anywhere—thanks to a web-based jukebox Amazon Cloud Player (ACP). Much like iTunes, Spotify, and Windows Media Player, you will have no trouble getting the hang of this user-friendly, lean and frill-free ACP. What you get with ACP is limitless browsing (by albums, artists, genres), sharing (to all social media platforms), and, of course, tune-playing.

Two important offerings of ACP standout: playlist creation and collection pruning. Any playlist you create in a playlist creation appear in the Cloud section—in the Fire’s Music Library, of course. And collection pruning prunes all your songs. That way you can get rid of any song or album that is bugging you.

But you can’t get rid of your duplicate songs in ACP. Duplicate songs bug you all the time. This holds true if your music collection weighs in at multi-megabytes (anything north of, say, 50 albums), the ACP is a disaster, with lots of near-duplicate and duplicate songs. You’re sunk if these songs appear on a soundtrack. ACP simply hasn’t reached that far (not yet, anyway). Because ACP acts as an intermediary between your PC and your songs, chances are you spend a lot of time staring at duplicates. You’ve to use a third-party software to tune up your ACP and remove all duplicate songs.

Clone Files Checker (CFC) is Handy!

CFC works best when you have duplicate songs scattered all over your ACP. To remove all duplicate songs from Amazon music library, download Clone Files Checker. Here’s how it works:

1. Launch ACP → Preferences


2. Tap general. It shows you the place where Amazon stores your downloads: {3d55152316032bb7f971c4c
44f}/Music/Amazon Music. Navigate this folder: simply put it in your address bar and it opens your Amazon Music folder.


3. Now open CFC → Music Search → Add → Amazon Music.

4. Check Title.

5. Hit Start Search. (It starts looking for duplicates and shows them.)

6. Tap Select Duplicates → Select Retain newest files in each group.

7. Now close Amazon Music window

8. Tap Select Action in CFC. Here you can delete them permanently or move them to another folder.

9. Check Create Backup (if necessary).

10. It’s the time when CFC starts deleting duplicates.

11. When it’s over, it shows: Operation performed successfully.

12. Here you go! Check your Amazon Music folder now. Dupes gone!

Now open ACP and start synchronizing the recent changes with the Cloud. Visit this browser. It’s handy to see all the recent changes you made.

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