Retrospect – Memoirs of the Nostalgic Video Game Era!

Video game
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Video game

Time keeps on changing and so do the trends. Things that were popular a few years back are hardly used now. But like fashion trends, time too keeps on repeating itself.  Though the new version of old things might be a little techno, stylish and trendy, with a cool appeal to it, but deep down, it is the same old wine in the new bottle! The same concept holds true for video games as well!

A couple of decades back, video games were cool and most of the game lovers had those Atari and counterparts in their home, with 75 in 1 and 10000 in 1 kind of video game cassettes, that had games like Mario, Contra, Tennis, Arachnoid, Pack Man, Snake, Tetris and many  others popular games, that made up a great past time.

As time passed and technology changed gears, computer and internet came in to being and it just changed the whole concept of life. Video games too were affected by its presence and they were gradually replaced by graphically dominated computer games. Nowadays, we can find some amazing online games that rules the chart of game lovers. That being said, true game lovers cannot forget that golden era of video games! In this article, we will do down to the memory lanes and try to list some of the most popular games from the video game era!

 Mario – Mario is probably the most popular game from the video game era. Its simplicity, neat graphics and ear pleasing music can be summed up for its mega success. ‘Te den ten te den ten….’ remember…? !!!

Contra – Those games who loved action packed games loved Contra during video game era. Its concept was intriguing and exiting. It was full of action; great music and the graphics were quite amazing for that time. It was probably the most popular action game from the video game era.

Arachnoid – One of the most popular games of video game era, which is still played online, this game was based on a simple concept of an Archnoid being lost in space and trying to find a way out. It was more popular with the geeks kind of gamers, and this game required lots of concentration as the speed of the ball just kept on increasing with every stage.

Tetris – Another geeky game from the video game era, Tetris too is quite popular and relevant even today. This is the complexity at its simplest! The bars kept on raising all the time and the gamer was supposed to bring them down. This task required a lot of thinking, tact and conceptualization. As the speed of the bars coming down kept on increasing with every stage, the gamer needed to think and react faster and further, which made this geeky game look exiting… huh!

Tennis – Although, we can find lots of great versions of Tennis game, both online as well as offline, yet that good old Tennis from the video game era stands class apart. It was a simple game which was operated by a handful buttons of joystick!  It has limited strokes to offer and yes, that power button – B ..!

Snake – Snake is yet another classical game from the video game era which is still quite popular nowadays. Like all successful classical games, it too is based on a simple concept. A snake is eating pegs and with every consumption, its size keeps on increasing. Although, one would go slow and lazy if he just keeps on eating more and more, but this classical game goes illogical here! Contrary to the rule, the snake’s speed kept on increasing with size. We can understand that that for making the game exiting and we pass this technical fault as gaming liberty!

Pack Man – Pack Man is probably the most popular game of all times. It was popular then like it is now. The reason is quite simple – a classical game, with simple concept and simple operation. the gamer just needed to use left, right, up and down keys. So, a 8 year kid can understand and enjoy it in the same way as his 80 year old grandpa! This feature of the game gave it a universal appeal, and made it timeless.


Video game era had its own timeline. Those games were a combination of entertainment and education. While you can simply enjoy Mario, relax your veins with Contra at the same time, you can sharpen your brain with Tetris and improve your concentration with games like Arachnoid. So, all and all, these games had their own features, which made them unique. While present world of online computer gaming has taken over for quite some time now, some of these games have still been able to find their place on the internet platform. They are slightly being modified as per the requirement of the time and they are still looking good!

Things have changed. Present is much better in terms of technology and future too looks promising. Nevertheless, past is always going to be missed for different reasons. Past is a great teacher. We learn from it, apply the experience of past in present and thus improve and improvise our future. Game developers too have improvised the concept of video games and they have taken it in to the next level of multi-dimensional online computer gaming zone. To conclude, while one may enjoy Malaysia Casino from the comfort of the home, buy one can also not deny that visiting a casino on a Limousine, sharing a drink, socializing a bit and playing a few bets has got its own flavor. Similarly, the base or roots are always own significant and they have got their own essence as well. So, it is always good to enjoy the sweet old video game with our family members and close pals once in a while! So, if you happen to find that dusted Atari during the yearly home cleaning, grab it with both hands and check out, it might still work!