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March 14, 2022

Software Engineer Vs Software Developer
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Software Engineer Vs Software Developer

Software engineers are trained professionals who apply mathematical and engineering principles to create software. They participate in software development by connecting client needs with applicable technology. What this means is that a software engineer follows a systematic process of working with clients to understand their requirements and then develop a solution to fulfill those requirements. Software developers, on the other hand, are the creative force behind writing and creating programs.

They may also possess other technical skills needed to build meaningful products. When it comes to differentiating between software engineers and software developers, what most software engineer articles will tell you is that while both jobs share certain similarities, they each approach computer science and daily jobs differently. It is important to bear in mind that even though the terms “software engineer” and “software developer” are often used interchangeably, they are not the same thing. So, pcriver has come up with a few key points to help you better understand the differences between the two.


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Software Engineer skills

One thing most software engineering articles have in common is that they always highlight the importance of having some technical skills in addition to either a degree in software engineering or computer science. Some of those technical skills are listed below;

  • A solid knowledge of algorithms, programming languages, data structure, scalability, and best practices in systems engineering and development.
  • The ability to build a fully functioning app that is easy to re-factor, self-document, and debug.
  • Good proficiency with pattern design to create resilient and fault-tolerant systems.
  • Full understanding of the use of automation testing tools like Selenium, Cucumber, Ansible, and many others.
  • Knowledge of how to build scalable deployment pipelines to support continuous integration and delivery.

Software developer skills

Some of the technical skills software developers should have include;

  • Ability to not only write codes but to review current systems and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Excellent analytical skills for comparing client needs with software capabilities.
  • Good understanding of programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and Perl.
  • Experience using software design tools like GitHub, Bootstrap, Atom, Linx etc.


Software Engineer roles

  • Designing, developing, and testing of software.
  • Modification of existing software to either resolve defects, adopt new hardware, or improve performance
  • Consulting with users/customers to assess software specifications, design, feasibility, cost/time constraints.
  • Supervising the work of other technologists, developers, and engineers.

Software developer roles

  • Working closely with analysts, end-users/marketing, and designers to give feedback.
  • Revision of programs to fix bugs and increase operating efficiency.

Some of the roles that software engineers and developers both share include;

  • Working across teams to provide technical support and guidance during the entire development process of a product.
  • Coming together to develop a plan which helps produce a program that meets the needs of a client.
  • Preparation of the application’s training manual for the users.
  • Building tools for improving internal productivity.
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While a bachelor’s degree can provide some necessary software education and give you an edge in terms of employment, you don’t necessarily need to have one to start working in either field. There are several other options you can take to get the training you need to either become a software engineer or software developer. One of those options is coding boot-camps, where you can get base-level education on coding and software development.

There are also several online courses and tutorials to get the hands-on training and practice you need. Another way to learn is to build a network with other coders/engineers. This way, you can interact, share ideas and even get help when you find yourself stuck on a project. Keep yourself updated by subscribing to blogs that post software engineer articles on a regular basis.


The major difference between software engineer Vs software developer is that software engineer makes designs and plans by utilizing the principles of engineering in software development, while a software developer focuses their talent on writing and developing a code that is part of the software development cycle.

Depending on the nature of a project, people can switch between the two roles. The most important thing is to be open to different learning opportunities in either role. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in either of the two, there are several software engineer articles on the internet for you to get more information on the courses, training, and certifications that you will need.

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