Sony and Microsoft to Explore Strategic Partnership [Latest]

Sony and Microsoft to Explore Strategic Partnership
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Sony and Microsoft, both are one of the most famous and widely used brands all over the world. And finally, they both have announced that Sony and Microsoft to explore a strategic partnership. They are going to do this for the benefits and enhancing the user-experiences in their AI solutions and direct-to-consumer entertainment platforms.

Sony and Microsoft to Explore Strategic Partnership

Sony and Microsoft are going to collaborate in the field of respective game, content-streaming services, new cloud, and AI tech too. This is all about what’s going inside the corporate. But this announcement has really provided us an idea about the level of gaming that can be reached after the collaboration of Sony and Microsoft.

By collaborating together, both of the companies aim to provide enhanced entertainment to its users. It has also been said that efforts will be made by both brands to develop better development platforms for the community of content creators.

One thing you must know is that neither Microsoft nor Sony has signed any legal paperwork stating about their collaboration. It is believed on the basis of ‘memorandum of understanding’ which has been followed by every gentleman present there. Sony and Microsoft have expressed about the happiness that they would receive after the collaboration. But none of them have admitted by signing on the legal paperwork. This clearly shows that any one of them can back out at any time. But they won’t do so, as the major population is already knowing about this. And for their brand to be respected, they won’t back out.

On the basis of this ‘memorandum of understanding,’ Sony and Microsoft will also be working on Semiconductors and AI (Artificial Intelligence). In the field of Semiconductors, it involves the development of all new cutting-edge sensor. The collaboration of Sony’s cutting-edge sensor with Microsoft’s Azure AI technology will surely provide enhanced capabilities for their valuable users. And in the field of AI, Microsoft will provide its advanced AI platform to Sony’s consumer products. This would produce great products with user-friendly AI experience.

The announcement “Sony and Microsoft to explore strategic partnership” reveals that both of them are going to share technologies to make all the console gaming based on cloud services. It is also expected that the leading future will result in the removal of the disc drives present in the consoles. This would convert the gaming consoles into streaming boxes.

Sony and Microsoft will be going to share further information about this collaboration. Till then we can only wait and see what does this decision leads to.

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