Sony Confirms PlayStation 5 Launch in 2020 Holidays

Sony Confirms PlayStation 5 Launch
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Jim Ryan, President, and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment released a statement saying their next-generation console will be called PlayStation 5 and will be launched in the holiday season 2010. This is great news for all the gamers out there looking for an upgrade on their 2013 made version PlayStation 4. It’s been a while–to be specific, 7 years– since Sony released a new version of their flagship product.

After Sony released the specifications of PlayStation 5 earlier in April, PlayStation fans over the globe are excited and are eagerly waiting to get hands-on this next-generation gaming console. 

Furthermore, In an interview with Wired, the lead architect and producer of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita video game consoles, Mark Cerny shared Sony’s plans of shipping PlayStation 5 worldwide by the end of 2020. Mark also confirmed that their tech team is busy developing the hardware for this product and they would make it available for the world around April 2020.

The hardware would comprise of AMD’s Ryzen with the 7 nm Zen 2 architecture. The real-time ray-tracing rendering feature in the PlayStation 5 will be a result of Radeon Navi-family GPU. 

What new features Sony’s next-generation gaming console PlayStation 5 is expected to come with?

1. PlayStation 5’s new controller will be enabled with the “Haptic Feedback” technology

Haptic Feedback or also known as haptics is a technology that allows a user to communicate with the device via a variety of textures. A gamer is used to staring at the screen and listening to the sounds coming from the speakers, but with haptic feedback, they will be able to touch and feel the sensations in real-time. For instance, a gamer running through the grass field will now be able to feel the slippery surface of the ground on his/her fingers.

2. The resistance of the triggers will be programmed with Adaptive triggers

PlayStation 4 controllers had two trigger buttons which a gamer used to navigate and move in the game. PlayStation 5 will now have another feature to the same button called “Adaptive Triggers”. This feature will give a gamer an experience of playing the game in real-time. For instance, the trigger buttons will have extra resistance when the gamer draws a bow and arrow or accelerates an off-road vehicle through rocky terrain.

3. It will also have a custom SSD storage

It’s no secret that Solid State Drives(SSDs) are replacing traditional hard drives. You won’t find a laptop manufactured in 2019 coming with a traditional hard drive. SSDs are cheaper to manufacture, they are 10-20 times faster loading times, larger bandwidth and have no noise-making moving parts in them. Sony has decided to install a custom SSD in its new PlayStation. This will make their games more immersive and also support content streaming.

How does PlayStation 5 compare with other gaming consoles in the market?

In 2020, Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U and Switch are seen to be the biggest competitors of Sony’s PlayStation 5. Neither of them uses haptic technology or adaptive triggers in their controller. It is clear who the winner is going to be. I don’t see any other company competing with Sony in 2020. Plus, there are some doubts as to whether others like big techs like Apple and Amazon will join the gaming console race.

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