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November 12, 2019

Sony Granting Refunds to WWE 2K20 Buyers
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Recently, a California-based video game company Visual Concepts Entertainment released the new version of their coveted video game series WWE2K known as WWE 2K20. This game was released on 22 October 2019.

Just hours after the release, WWE fans all around went berserk on social media slating the game developers for selling them a buggy and flawed game. The new version really turned out to be disappointing.

After the fan uproar, Sony has decided to grant refunds to WWE 2K20 buyers. All gamers who had purchased the PlayStation 4 version of the game WWE 2K20 can contact Sony and ask for a refund. They will give you your money back. No questions asked.

However, other video game console manufacturers like Microsoft haven’t yet made a public statement on this subject. Xbox One users are desperate to get this piece of junk out of their homes; also get their money back. 

What factors make WWE 2K20 an outright failure?

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In case you haven’t bought the WWE 2K20 yet, these are the major problems this game has:

1) In tag matches, the partners get mixed up and sometimes you are paired up against your own teammates. Instead of Player 1 vs Player 2, it pairs Player 1 with Player 3, so on and so forth.

2) Some of the key features from the WWE 2K19 game have been eliminated entirely. At the start of an online match, you are directly placed on the stage. There are no entrances.

3) The screen freezes for no reason. There is no way to exit except switch off the game altogether. 

What do WWE fans on Twitter have to say about WWE 2K20?

Twitter is one platform where we can expect some honest reviews. 2K fans have been posting short video clips of game glitches along with sarcastic comments. 

Here is what @itsbrandonde has to say:

“Finn’s showcase in Bump in the Night is quite possibly the worst experience I’ve had with this game yet. Video out later. 2K should honestly be ashamed of this sh**”  

Another 2K enthusiast @DANIELakaDEE says:

“That’s it, 3 days now since release & still nothing from them on fixing their game, no acknowledgment what’s so ever, what an absolute joke, I’m out!!”

Did Visual Concepts Entertainment respond to the fan uproar? What did they say?

On Twitter, the creator WWE 2K20 did respond 4 days after the release. They posted the following picture.

Two weeks can be a long time to wait for gamers. A mere patch can indeed solve all the problems the game has but they should do something quicker. 

Also, when a gamer spends $100+ on a game, he/she expects to make the most out of it in the first couple of weeks. 2K has not only subdued the excitement of playing a new game but also refused to talk about immediate refunds. 

Meanwhile, there are still many 2K fans who are optimistic about the fixes and will wait 14 more days without complaining or whining about the technical issues.

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