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February 11, 2020

Sony PS5 Beats the Microsoft Xbox Series X
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There is still one full year to go for Sony’s PS5 to hit the market. The buzz has already begun in the gaming community and people are comparing Sony’s new gaming console PS5 to Microsoft Xbox series X. According to a report by TechRadar, Xbox series X is expected to be released somewhere between October and December, this year. 

It seems like both gaming giants are aware of the massive expectations of their fans and are up for the challenge ahead. On each of their websites, they have exposed enough information about their new products–enough to get the gaming community excited. In this post, I have shared specifications and features of both Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft Xbox series X for you to pick the winner.

Sony PS5 Specifications and Features

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The Sony PS5 comes with the same 8-core AMD chipset also present in Xbox Series X. According to a report by TechRadar, this CPU is designed with third-generation Ryzen architecture and also with Navi GPU. 

Moreover, it does not have to same Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA) and Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives that its previous versions had. It comes with a Solid State Device storage system. Which is both faster and long-lasting compared to its counterpart.

Furthermore, the new PS5 also supports 3D audio and 8K television set. In case you are wondering why Sony has provided this new feature, in 2020, there are several TV manufacturers coming up with 8K monitors. Samsung is one of them. With an 8K TV monitor, you can experience gaming at a whole another level. 

Microsoft Xbox Series X Specifications and Features

Microsoft has promised it’s users that this PC-shaped console is going to be one of the fastest ever. Xbox series X has all the amazing features that the PS5 promises. It is also built with a powerful 8-core AMD chipset (AMD Zen 2 processor, to be specific).

Moreover, you will now be able to play high-end games like Halo Infinite, FIFA2020 and Fortnite without worrying about load time. Xbox Series X comes with a powerful SSD storage unit.

A report by TomsGuide states that Xbox Series X is also going to be using new technology to enhance the gameplay. With a Variable Refresh Rate or also referred to as Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR), the monitor is programmed to get refreshed in synchronicity with the content being displayed on the screen. This lower power consumption and also gives you seamless gaming experience. With Xbox Series X, you will never experience screen tearing.

The Final Verdict

Now let’s get to the main part of this post. Who wins? Sony’s PS5 or Microsoft Xbox series X? In my opinion, both gaming consoles have some really amazing features. Plus, they both are still in the development and testing phase.

So, I and other gamers still don’t know their pros and cons. Judging by the overall specification, Sony’s PS5 easily beats Microsoft’s Xbox series X. Plus, PS5 is estimated to cost around $499 in the US whereas, Microsoft’s Xbox series X is priced in the similar range.

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