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July 27, 2017

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Whether you like it or not but Windows 10 automatically download and install updates. There is no control over the auto download of Updates and Installation of updates in Windows 10. You can defer upgrades in Windows 10 but it will not always work on all versions of Windows 10. If you are using the Pro version of Windows 10 or any higher version than there is a method to stop the automatic updates in Windows 10.

There is no problem in updates as it is just for the user for improvements and security patches of the Windows. But when you are using a limited or metered connection and windows automatically starts downloading the updates then it changes into a worst nightmare. Your data ends in few minutes.

Steps to stop Updates in Windows 10 –

Here are few steps that will allow you to stop the automatic updates. This will work in Pro version of 10 or higher.

  • Press the windows button and R together or just open the Run Menu.
  • Type the command gpedit.msc and hit enter. Within 2 seconds a window will open in front of you. Check image below.
Stop windows update 2nd-step
  • In the left side panel, you will see various menus and options. Go to Administrative Templates under computer configuration.
Stop windows update 3rd-step
  • Now click on windows components. Double click on it. Another drop down menu will open. Now search for Windows Update settings.
Stop windows update 4th-step
  • Now you will see various options and all options are about updates of windows. Select any of them with a double click on it. In my case I selected configure Windows updates.
Stop windows update 5th-step
  • Now select any of the option. If your laptop/pc automatically downloads updates then you can see that your option Enable is selected under the section Configure Automatic Updates. Remove that and choose Disabled or Not Configured.
Stop windows update 6th-step
  • Change all settings to Disabled or Not Configured.
Stop windows update 7th-step

In this way you can easily stop all automatic updates in Windows 10.

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