Super Smartphone Apps for Safer Driving

Super Smartphone Apps for Safer Driving
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Super Smartphone Apps for Safer Driving

Auto accidents occur all the time, with reports showing that literally millions of crashes and collisions will happen on American roads each year. These accidents cause close to 100 daily deaths and many other injuries, both mental and physical, affecting countless people’s lives in a range of negative ways, which is why it’s so important to try and bring those numbers down.

Technological experts are therefore always looking for new systems and methods to try and make the roads safer places for all to be. New devices may be able to reduce the risk of distracted driving, for example, and the latest models of automobiles are being equipped with high-end security features and safety sensors that can also help to curtail the rate of accidents.

There are also plenty of apps you can download today onto your smartphone, with many being totally free and available for both Android and iOS devices, designed to help you become a safer driver. They can offer an array of different features and improve your life in many ways, and here are some of our top choices.


DriveMode is a completely free app for both Android and iOS devices. It’s also one of the top safe driving apps out there today, and it’s also one of the simplest around, so if you just want something that’s easy to set up and use, this is a good choice. Once your car hits 15mph or higher, DriveMode activates, silencing every alert or notification that might come through on your phone to reduce the risk of distractions.


iOnRoad is another safe driving app you might like to consider, and it’s one of the most advanced apps in this particular niche of the market, making use of your phone’s sensors and other technological features to actually detect the vehicles around you and let you know if you’re getting too close to anyone. This can help you maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, helping you stay focused and alert at the same time.


There are some safe driving apps that are actually able to track the user’s driving performance, issuing reports and feedback to help them identify possible areas of weakness and make improvements to their driving abilities. EverDrive is one of those apps. As you drive, it keeps track of how well you’re performing, monitoring things like braking, accelerating, speeding, etc. It gives you a score for each journey, and EverDrive encourages friends and families to try and compete with each other to get the best scores and be the safest drivers.


Drive is another excellent app you can get up and running on your Android or iOS phone right away. This one actually has the innovative ability to read your text messages aloud using a text-to-voice program, so you can still receive and listen to any urgent messages, without the need to actually pick up your phone and read them out yourself. It comes with another key feature too: the ability to send automatic responses to any contacts who text you, letting them know you’re currently behind the wheel.


Many of the best safe driving apps simply work automatically, running in the background of your phone’s system, without any need for manual control. This way, you can focus 100% of your attention on driving, and that’s exactly what LifeSaver will allow you to do. As the name of this app suggests, it’s fully designed with safety in mind, aiming to truly save lives and prevent crashes. It works by tracking your driving performance and whether or not you get distracted by your phone while behind the wheel, providing you with detail reports of your behavior so you can make improvements later on.

TrueMotion Family

If you’re interested in helping your entire family become better and safer drivers, TrueMotion Family is the app for you. It’s great for parents with young drivers in the family, and it works by tracking the performance of every member of the family, looking at aspects like braking, accelerating, and so on in order to help people spot possible risky patterns in their driving style and then make positive changes to be safer.

Final Word

These apps can make a real difference to your on-road safety, offering a wide range of beneficial features the whole family can enjoy, and they really could save your life someday, so it’s worth your time to give one or more of them a try.

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