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April 3, 2021

The Best Casino Game Software
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The Best Casino Game Software

Behind every slot or computer-animated deck of cards, there is some software without which it would not be possible to play on popular and, above all, creative machines. But who actually develops such software that underlies the activities practiced by all online casino players? You will find the answer to the question of what is behind the great casino games in this text.

There are many different companies that develop casino game software. Here, we will review some of the biggest and most popular creators of these games on which you can gamble at popular online casinos, many of which now offer modern payment methods such as iDeal. To learn more about that, visit iDeal online casinos, and you will get a picture of how it all works.

Casino Game Software

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As a company, Playtech was founded in 1999, and already in 2001, it received its first casino license. Since then, Playtech has been continuously evolving and creating great and fun casino games. It launches more than 50 new and different games on the market every year. 

Many of these games are based on popular TV shows and movies, that is, the company creates new things based on something already recognizable. Marvel heroes and popular HBO series are included here.


NetEnt is a company that brings true online entertainment. It was founded in 1996, and since then it has developed further and further, while its games become more and more beautiful every year. 

NetEnt is the author of the original slot machines called Guns N’ Roses, which are available at Maria Casino and Danske Spil.


Microgaming has been present in the world of casino games since 1994. This is the company that contributed the most to get the first online casino on its feet. Many others have been developed from that point on thanks to Microgaming. 

The company makes gaming machines based on popular TV series and movies, as well as other popular phenomena and creations. You will find here themed devices based on the motifs of Terminator, Jurassic Park, and Greek Evil.

Play’n GO

Play’n GO was initiated in the 1990s as a computer network group, as they called themselves. After that, the development of games and unstoppable progress in this area began. 

They have created and developed a variety of slot machines on numerous topics, including Samba Carnival at Tivoli Casino and Eye of the Kraken at Maria Casino. In addition, Play’n GO has developed software for popular table games, such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker.

RNG – Goddess of Fortune of Slots

One of the more important factors in any casino is the one called RNG (random number generator). This casino game software contributes to the guarantee that any result on any machine is not fixed, i.e. that neither the casino nor the players are deceived. The moment you press the button, this software chooses a random number and it is the result that appears on your screen and becomes your final result. It cannot be calculated or otherwise controlled in combination with the symbols that appear on the screen. RNG presents a constant movement until you press a button. When you start the game, the RNG stops one number and that is the number that appears on the screen of your slot machine.

In addition, game creators work to make games run on different platforms depending on whether they can be played via a browser or have to be downloaded to a computer. Games should work flawlessly on all computers, as well as on all types of mobile phones, in order for the casino to enable its customers to play at any time and in any place.


Human Behind the Machine

Behind the functioning of slot machines are different people, which allows the creation of unique devices. The people behind online casino games constantly offer a variety of ideas and themes, for everyone’s taste and interest, after which various types of games are created.

Microgaming – From Sketches to Casino Games

Microgaming started the business with slot machines from a sketch on paper that was later entered into a computer. This is where the shape of the machine is created based on what is drawn on the paper. Then the background, music, symbols, and all other features and accessories contained in the game itself are added. New and advanced technologies are being used to ‘revive’ gaming machines. In addition, real human movements are added to computer-generated figures. 

You can hardly imagine how much work and technology is needed to create online casino games.

Can You Cheat Casino Game Software?

When casino games were just a physical and material phenomenon, there were many methods that people used to try to cheat. Today, it is much harder to do that, while with online games, fraud is practically impossible. 

Software that supports online games cannot be manipulated. This is for your own good and you can, and should, be satisfied with impeccable protection against attempted fraud.

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