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A top-notch real estate tech stack has all the requisite ingredients.

At the center of all operations is transaction management software to help you manage transactions and stay organized. An email marketing and perhaps a social media marketing tool should also be a part of an agent’s repertoire to help in lead generation and management.

However, finding the best real estate tools for top-performing agents can be a daunting task, given the universe of software tools in the market today. In this post, we’ll introduce you to the 5 best real estate tools for 2021 that will boost your productivity throughout the entire home buying process—from prospecting to signing the final paperwork. 

1. Paperless Pipeline (Transaction Management)

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Paperless Pipeline is a complete transaction management solution used by millions of brokers, real estate teams, and independent transaction coordinators.

The software provides an easy way to manage real estate transactions and financials. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to see everything in one place, so you’re able to see each deal and every upcoming task on a single page. This ensures you’ll never miss a deadline.

But the time-saving features of this software is what makes it stand out from the crowd. Given the complex and tedious nature of real estate transactions, you’ll want to use a tool that will save your teams’ time while helping them close more deals.

Paperless Pipeline achieves the best of both worlds, thanks to its automated checklist feature. With Paperless Pipeline, your agents can create automated checklists that will apply automatically based on the type of deal, the location, and each separate stage or status.

2. RealScout (Lead Nurturing)

RealScout is an online search engine for home listings.

The platform scours your multiple listings service (MLS) for new listings that match your customers’ criteria, then automatically emails them the listings.

As a lead generation and nurturing tool, RealScout will sort properties by any criteria of your choice, including the number of bedrooms, open floor plans, waterfront location, etc. It will then send emails that look like they came directly from you.

3. BombBomb (Email Marketing)

Do you use Outlook or Gmail to host your email? Rather than sending your clients’ faceless blocks of text, why not “record” and talk to them with a personalized video.

BombBomb is your best friend when it comes to video email engagement.

This software will insert video into your email, track the number of viewers, and let you engage with your clients more. According to a Made in America report, agents who use BombBomb see a 70% increase in replies and more home searches on their websites.

4. Canva (Material Design)

As a real estate agent, the better part of your job involves marketing. That said, you’ll likely spend a lot of time creating brochures, flyers, and postcards.

But you’re not a graphic designer, you’re a realtor.

So, how do you create these marketing materials? This is where Canva comes in. With Canva, you can design pretty much anything—email newsletter, flyers, business cards, book cover, open house invitations, et cetera without hiring a designer. Better still, there are pre-made templates specifically for real estate so the process should be simple and fast.

5. DocuSign (Electronic Signature Solution)

Want to be able to close more deals in less time in 2021? An electronic signature solution like DocuSign is a must-have.

With DocuSign, you can capture your clients’ signatures electronically.

This means faster deals and almost no paperwork since the signed documents are stored securely in the cloud. Using an e-signature solution also saves time since your clients can sign from anywhere and you can also review and submit work on the go.

Got another tool you feel deserves a spot on our list? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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