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September 23, 2020

social media
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Expanding your business online is currently the safest way to grow. With the right social media strategy in place, you can turn your fans into Friends and Influencers into your Marketing associates. However, you’ll need both the right campaign and the right data collection process in place to track your social medial success.

social media

Getting Friendly

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Because social media is heavily influenced by world events and politics, keeping your business in line with your beliefs without getting the middle of a slugfest will take careful campaigning. For example, if you’re trying to draw people into your sticks and bricks business and want to reassure your potential customers that you’re taking proper pandemic precautions, demonstrate that for your clients.

Share photos of your staff in masks. Post a video of the disinfection process you go through. Ask clients who stop by to pick up their products to check in from your designated parking spaces. If you think it’s important, share it.

Monitor Regularly

In the event that your Facebook business page gets trolled, having a monitoring process will reduce the risk that your page gets contentious. Remember, you want the focus to be on your people and your products or services, not on battle. 

Get the Ear of Influencers

You can boost your social media selling footprint by providing product to Instagram Influencers. By providing an influencer with your product and the chance to return it for free if they don’t plan to use it, you have the chance to get your services and products in front of more people. Not only can you get your product data shared, but someone with a strong Instagram following will take care of the photography and formatting, though you may want to incorporate your own images quickly.

Tracking Conversions

To find out if your social media efforts are having results, you’ll want a service that can track conversions. Professionals like those at Local Digital can help you track if and when likes turn to visits and when visits turn to sales. The check-in option here is critical; when potential buyers check in, you can provide them with a coupon, or send them a discount on their next purchase via email or text. 

Connection is Our Constant

Humans in the developed world have to work hard to get away from information. The data stream is nearly constant for anyone who has a smart phone. If you have Facebook or Instagram accounts that get a lot of traffic but few in-store shoppers, you can still sell to them online, but if your showroom offers the best display, it may be time to offer an in-store discount lottery to local fans. You can also boost loyalty with an on-line offer targeted to “likers” of a particular line.

The data you’ll collect from your online service team can greatly influence how you brand your products, reach out to your target markets, and how you tailor your marketing plan. With the right professionals helping you to track your online data, from website to Facebook, you can keep your business growing no matter the conditions in the sticks and bricks world.

Boost your online presence 

Set your business up with accounts on multiple social media platforms to boost your online presence. This helps to build trust with potential customers when they’re researching your brand before they make a purchase. 

For example, a relatively new business like Hapbee uses social media to connect with its target market online. Anyone that’s interested in the brand can follow Hapbee on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where they can learn more about them and their products.

You need to ensure you have a complete profile, with details about your business and links to your website, and then use your accounts to build up your reputation and credibility.

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