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August 24, 2020

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The business market is competitive and you need to be ever-persuasive in this socially connected world. It is fundamental to promote your products and services through virtual nearness to customers who are changing viewpoints based on evolving patterns in technologies. Thus, advertising through advanced innovation keeps you in step.

SMS Marketing


An important tool that helps you reach out to fresh potential customers, SMS is also a very reliable customer engagement and support channel. The boost to this process through SMS API integration can make its many applications and processes faster and more productive. The workflow avenues adopted by businesses include alerts and notifications, activation codes, delivery status reports, OTP verification, promotional offers, and many more measurable advantages contributing towards your business goals. 

Primarily, the easy facilitation of information flow to customers and clients is the buzzword. Besides, here are some key benefits of SMS API integration for your business:

  1. Automation brings efficiency, a faster and more productive workflow that does not require allocation of manual staffing. Seamless transfers, scheduling, and an instant reception speed guaranteed by the SMS gateway.
  1. The enhanced visibility due to status updates makes tracking and message tagging easier. It is a great advantage during the audit process where clear and measurable results of your SMS marketing campaign is present.
  1. With SMS API you have access to all the technological networks and platforms that your business uses. A single interface can manage the inflow and outflow of the messages. This integration with other systems provides a more cohesive view of your overall communications.
  1. API gives you access to the service provider’s gateway that can be incorporated within your own systems. It allows you choose the application or group mode of reception and delivery, providing control over services according to your preferences.
  1. SMS API gives your business added channels of targeted sending that can improve conversion and sales. Additional feature and function upgrades do not disrupt applications or their links to the SMS API.
  1. The timely scheduled alerts, notifications, and reminders can boost customer retention and renewals. It is a huge leap in customer satisfaction as instant, on-demand information received be them will get favourable responses.
  1. SMS surveys sent out to follow the delivery of products or availing of services are instrumental in capturing instant data and customer feedback and reviews. One-step surveys are hassle-free and fast for customers and businesses.
  1. SMS API integration has the ability to reduce operational costs in many businesses, especially for e-commerce and logistics companies. However, cutting down on manual labour and time in favour of precision, reach, and flexibility is a win-win scenario.

The choice of SMS API should be defined by your needs, volume of workflow, format, and means. The seamless integration of a holistic variety of useful data and SMS is necessary for you to enjoy the core benefits. Your quest for an enhanced yet simplified API that functions can be resolved by Edgility.

Add this reliable and cost-effective integration to your marketing strategy today!

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