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May 16, 2020

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The iPhone SE 2020 is more than just the ‘cheapest new iPhone’ available in the market, but it comes with several innovative elements to become a favourite one. The new model of the iPhone has a design similar to the iPhone 8. Many of its features have similarity to iPhone 8, but it comes with a new processor and other features that make it impressive. The iPhone SE 2020 is irresistible with good battery life, fantastic rear camera, A13 processor, wireless charging, and an affordable price for everyone.

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The new iPhone has many similarities in regard to the iPhone 8. They are much smaller in size than the previously released iPhone 11. The exterior of the phone reminds us of the classic design of the iPhone during its initial ten years. The front and back of the iPhone are of glass, while the sides and chassis are of aluminium, which makes the phone lightweight than the previous designs. 

The phone comes with a 4.7 display inch which is smaller than other phones in the market. But this feature leads to another advantage that is portability. It is small and lightweight which makes easy to carry and people who prefer small ones will definitely love it. Face recognition is absent unlike the new models of iPhone. The display is similar to iPhone 11 with the same resolution, while the text and pictures are accurate even in bright daylight. It is water-resistant and this is a noteworthy feature for a phone of such low price. The iPhone SE 2020 comes in three colours – black, white, and red. 


The iPhone SE 2020 has 12 MP camera just like the iPhone 8 but the image quality and sharpness of the pictures have improved and is more similar to iPhone 11. It also has portrait mode along with HDR capabilities. In low light, the photos can’t match the quality of iPhone 11 but it is impressive for a phone with such low price.

The selfie camera is of 7 MP and iPhone 11 has a much better front cam. In the latter, there is a wider front-facing camera and one can take slow-motion videos. This is not possible in the new model, which can only shoot 1080p videos. 


The latest A13 processor makes a huge difference in this new device. This chip is the same model used on the latest and greatest iPhones. This upgraded version allows greater speed in skipping through apps, while capturing photos or video, and also enhances the gaming quality. This feature makes the phone have good performance of new age amid the design of old age. 


The battery comes with a more prolonged life than the iPhone 8. The phone can last a day under medium usage. The battery can last for 15 to 22 hours a day, according to the use. The battery can be replenished to 50% within thirty minutes if used with an 18-watt charger. Another crucial feature is wireless charging, which is not something seen in phones with such a low price.

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