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June 17, 2021

Perfect phone case
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A phone without a phone case is a free invitation to scratches, broken screens, and other unsightly and performance-related damages. But protective benefits aside, some other perks come with a top-grade phone case. Number 3 is a must-know!

Perfect phone case

1.Visual and customization appeal

Your phone may be as elegant as can be, but the right phone case covers like Afterglowcases can add incredible visual interest to the aesthetics of your phone. Our preferred phones don’t come in our favorite colors or styles most times, and that can dampen our spirit. The good news is Afterglowcases can remedy this aesthetic and personalization failure.

2. Durability

Let’s face it, phones can be disturbingly fragile, and having to handle your phone like a “delicate piece of art” is hard work. You are always guarding your cell phone like a mother hen. Your heart plummets each time it threatens to fall or slips out of your pocket. It is super exhausting!

However, Afterglowcases are constructed with high-grade PC and ABS materials that are synonymous with outstanding durability. Though the body is silky-smooth, the slip-proof bumper ensures you get a good grip on your phone without trying too hard. It also equals fewer falls, impact, and damages!

3. Better Selfies and All-around Lighting

Some phone cases are more than just phone cases! This is a proven fact with the Afterglowcases. Besides enhancing visual appeal and protecting your phone against impact, scratches, and whatnot, they also make for better selfies and lighting.

Featuring a selfie ring light, you can take better and crystal-clear selfies at the touch of a button. Your phone selfie camera and your self-esteem will appreciate the help! Unlike other subpar cases, it has a fill light that serves as a selfie light, makeup light, reading light, camping light; you name it!

And how delightful that this fill light has three modes to suit your lighting conditions and needs;  low, normal, and high. You can adjust the color and brightness of the light with a long press. And not to worry, you can power the LED lights with the included USB cord that charges faster than you can blink your eyes. Talk about convenience!

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