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January 4, 2021

casino game
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The internet has changed gambling forever, and in a very short period. Gone are the days when you had to travel to a casino or hang around in a smokey bookmakers to take a flutter on something. 

casino game

Online gambling is incredibly diverse. Everything from casual low-stakes games to risky gamified investments fall under the umbrella of online gambling. The one thing that holds it all together? An element of chance and risk. 


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Slingo games are essentially a combination of bingo and slots, and have really taken off online. Essentially, a Slingo player uses a slot machine-type selector to select the grid squares they are able to cross off. Not unlike bingo, the game is one of chance. 

Slingo game designers often create themed or narrative ways of including the slot system in a game. They are quick, moreish and suit casual gamers wanting a low-stakes way of winning (or losing) small amounts of money. 

Video Poker

Video poker actually began before the advent of online gambling, but the internet has provided it with a new realm to conquer. First established during the 1970s in Las Vegas, video poker is essentially a single-player version of the ever popular card game. When transferred onto the internet, the format works exceptionally well. It is a game of both skill and chance. 

Live Odds Betting

The near instantaneous nature of the World Wide Web has completely changed the way we bet on sporting events. Gamblers can now bet in-game, exploiting potential watershed moments when odds become favorable. 

This style of betting is extremely exciting. It does, however, require the gambler to be very aware of the nuances of what they are betting on. It isn’t for the faint-hearted, and shouldn’t be considered a way of making money no matter how well you know your sport. 


Although not a traditional ‘gamified’ method of online gambling, investment in cryptocurrencies has proven to be a compelling game of risk for some. Since the breakout explosion that was the mid 2010’s Bitcoin boom, online risk takers have sought to buy into cryptocurrency schemes that might replicate its success.

Treating cryptocurrency speculation as a way of gambling is not recommended unless you are a true high roller with lots of expendable income. Cryptocurrencies can bounce up and down erratically, and no proven method of safely investing in it has been developed apart from setting very strict limits and not staking your life on a return. If you do choose to take a chance on a cryptocurrency, you must watch out for the numerous scams that operate under the guise of being promising digital currencies. 

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