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August 3, 2022

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Pearls are a beautiful, luxurious, and powerful symbol of wealth. They’re also one of the most expensive items in the world! Pearls come in many different varieties, and each type has unique characteristics. This article discusses some of the most popular types grown in Australia so you can learn more about them.

The Various Types of Pearls Grown in Australia


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Akoya pearls are the most popular type of pearl in the world. They’re cultivated in Japan and China, with some produced by Australia’s own industry.

Additionally, Akoya pearls are incredibly affordable and consistent—and that’s because of their incredibly low price-to-quality ratio. They’re also durable enough to withstand wear without losing their luster or shape over time (unlike other types).


Freshwater pearls are grown in freshwater lakes in many countries worldwide. Generally, freshwater pearls are usually white or cream-colored and grow inside freshwater mollusks like mussels, clams, oysters, and scallops.

They’re not only less expensive than saltwater pearls (which can cost up to $50 per strand). However, they also have a smoother surface than saltwater ones, which means you won’t have to spend hours sanding your new accessory before wearing it on your finger!


Tahitian pearls are the most expensive and can be found in Australian pearl growers like Pearls of Australia. They’re originally cultured in French Polynesia, but they’ve been grown in Australia since the 1800s.

Also, they have a very high luster, making them highly sought after by collectors and jewelry makers. With their large size and shimmering appearance, you’ll certainly stand out when wearing these beautiful pieces!

South Sea

South Sea pearls are the most valuable type of pearl grown in Australia. They’re also the largest, have the highest luster, and have been known to grow as large as 100mm (3 inches).

In fact, South Sea pearls are rarer than other types of pearls because it takes longer for them to form. They’re also more expensive than other types because they require more labor and resources, including time and patience from farmers who cultivate these beautiful creatures.


Keshi pearls are found in freshwater shells. They’re the most affordable type of pearl and can be dyed to match any color you want. However, Keshi pearls tend to have a rougher texture than other types of pearls.

History of Pearl Growing in Australia

Pearl farming in Australia is a highly skilled industry with many unique aspects. The history of growing pearls in Australia dates back centuries ago, starting originally with Aboriginals.

Legend has it that the oyster had grown so large that it had completely covered up the rock! The locals saw this as a sign from their gods and took it upon themselves to protect this pearl farm from other people who might exploit it.

They would go out each day to collect shells from the sea, bring them back home and clean them up before boiling them down into pearls. This method was so successful that today there are over 2 million pearl farms across southern Australia alone!

At this time, there were no regulations governing how pearls were caught or sold; therefore, pearls were often taken from oysters pulled from the sea floor. At present, most Australian pearls are produced by Abalone divers who harvest them from the sea floor close to shore in waters off Cape York Peninsula and Arnhem Land.


The pearls grown in Australia are of the highest quality and can be compared to those from Asia. The country is rich in natural resources, which allow for a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. As such, there’s no shortage of buyers looking for affordable fashion pieces made from these precious gems and sellers willing to sell theirs at a reasonable price point!

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