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Sometimes you may move the files that are useless into Trash Bin on your PC and then empty it to release some storage space. However, some important files may be mistakenly deleted and you can’t reach them anymore. Besides, a virus infection, a hardware failure, or other unknown error can also become a possible reason causing data loss. As most of us are not used to backing up files on a PC, it’s difficult to recover the lost data from a backup copy. So what should we do? Is it possible to recover the lost data on the computer?

time saving tip to recover lost files

Actually, we can retrieve the deleted data on a computer if those files have not been overwritten by the new adding data. In this guide, we will walk you through the way to recover accidentally deleted or lost files on your computer. It’s not 100% feasible, but it’s still worth a try.

FonePaw Data Recovery is a professional data recovery tool I choose. It has been tested to be a helpful and terrific program which can recover the lost data from different situations. For instance, if you lose data accidentally without backups, empty the trash bin or press “Shift+Del”, the FonePaw Data Recovery software can quickly access the deleted files and get them back. And it can also rescue the lost things in your crashed Windows PC.

Which types of files can you recover with FonePaw Data Recovery?

It supports almost all of the data types including photos, videos, music, documents and many more.

all files type data recovery

How to recover lost or deleted files on Windows?

Before you take any action, you should first go to the Trash Bin and check if the important files are erased or not. If you still find them, you can just get those files back by restoring them. But if the important data is totally wiped out, you can try the below steps.

Step 1: Get the FonePaw Data Recovery on your computer

Download the FonePaw Data Recovery app on your computer. But NOTICE that you shouldn’t install the recovery software on the hard drive where you lost data. For example, if the photos or other files saved on Disk C are lost and you want to recover them, you need to install the FonePaw Data Recovery on another hard drive except Disk C.

Step 2: Select Data Types to Scan

On the interface of the software, you can select the data types you wish to recover. And then also choose the hard drive location where the lost data once saved.

data recovery step 1

Step 3: Check the scanning result

Click on the “Scan” button and the software will perform a quick scan by default. It takes only a few minutes to finish. You can then check the scanning result on the interface. But if you cannot find the ones you want, click on the “Deep Scan” to try again. The Deep Scan mode can find more deleted data on your selected hard drive, though it may take some time to scan.

data recovery step 2

After the deep scan, you can click on the eye icon on the top right corner of the software to sort out the deleted files.

recover deleted files

Step 4: Get the files back to Computer

Select the lost files you want and click the on the “Recover” button to get deleted data back on the computer.

Tips: You will be asked to select a location to save the recovered data once you click on the “Recover” button. You should choose the other hard drive on your computer except the one where you lost data, which can prevent the lost data from being overwritten and thus you can try again even the recovery fails.

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