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August 19, 2020

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Back in the days, campaign-based games like Grand Theft Auto, Devil May Cry, Forza, and God of War, etc. were dominating the market share. Online gaming was still struggling, as many people did not have high-speed internet. Games like Counter-Strike were the pioneers of first-person shooters and the best thing was that they allowed players to play together as a team or against each other. After Counter-Strike, Halo and Call of Duty launched the online multiplayer format. These games started the trend and many other gaming studios tried to capitalize on it. 

Today, online gaming alone is a multi-million dollar industry. Games like Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends have forever changed the canvas of online multiplayer. It is safe to say that gamers are more interested in playing the online mods as compared to the campaigns. There are multiple reasons behind this. First, online multiplayer offers new challenges every day. The terrain, strategy, players, and your expectations from the game keeps on changing. Psychologically, you are hooked to the experience. 


While we celebrate the success of these online multiplayer games, access to high-speed internet deserves a fair share of the credit. A smooth and seamless online gaming is only possible with the help of an ultra-fast internet connection. Internet service providers have understood this need for a lag-free connection. Therefore, they try their best to ensure that consumers have a great experience online. For example, Elite Gamer is an add-on you can get with Cox internet packages. This add-on finds you the fastest route to the gaming server. 

If you still have connectivity issues, here are the tips to improve online gaming: 

Understand Your Internet Usage 

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Online gaming is not the only thing you are going to do with your internet connection. We all love streaming movies and TV shows on Netflix or Prime. Our smartphones are connected with the internet 24/7. In general, you consume a lot of bandwidth and your internet connection might be insufficient to meet the requirements of your household. Therefore, make sure that you understand your usage and choose your plan accordingly. 

Upgrade to a Higher Speed

Online gaming requires high-speed internet. In case you already have one, it might not be sufficient for your entire family. Therefore, you should opt for higher internet speed. The benefit of getting a higher internet package is that you get enough bandwidth for online gaming even if other users are using the service simultaneously. You face lesser ping rates and the games run smoothly. Moreover, there are multiple other things you can do with a high-speed internet such as 4K streaming, downloading, and surfing on all devices at once. 

Switch to a Wired Connection 

If you have been in the gaming world for a while, you already know using a wireless connection is a cardinal sin. As a gamer, you shouldn’t rely on a wireless connection in the first place. A wired connection must be your utmost priority. There are many reasons to switch to a wired connection. Physical objects distort Wi-Fi stability and the signal strength gets weaker if your console or computer is located at a distance from the router. A wired connection is steadier and there is minimum packet loss. As a result, the games run smoother and there is hardly any lag. Therefore, invest in a good Ethernet cable and always use a wired connection for online games. 

Replace Your Outdated Modems 

A modem is a device that connects you with the internet. If you have an old device, there are chances that you will not get a seamless connection for online gaming. Modems with outdated technologies create many problems; the ping rates are high, and streaming is not crisp. Therefore, get a new modem from Amazon or Best Buy with the latest technology. This will help you get a better speed and stability for your battle royale games. If you have no idea what you’re looking for you should read this review on the best modem for gaming to get a better idea of what you need in a good and reliable gaming modem. 

Close Any Background Apps Or Downloads 

The best time for gaming online is during the night. At this particular time, most of the people at your house are sleeping. Therefore, the internet is all yours. Moreover, if you want to enjoy a seamless connection, close unnecessary downloads, or unused applications in the background. Downloading takes a lot of bandwidth. Online gaming is all about bandwidth. If no other user is using the internet, you will receive a higher bandwidth. 

Final Verdict 

By following these simple tricks, you can make a great difference. Online gaming is never fun when there is a laggy connection. The best way to prevent lag is by getting high-speed internet. Always use a wired connection for your consoles and computers. Throw your outdated modem in the bin and invest in a new one. Make sure no apps are running in the background.

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