Tips to Obtain Employment as a Software Developer in South Australia

software developer
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Have you always been fascinated by technology? Are you the type of person that instead of just using an app wants to know how it works? Are you a bit (or more) or a nerd? Then you might be just perfect for a career in software development. And you’ll be one of those lucky people that actually love their job and want to move to Australia. 

Here are a few tips to help you land that dream job as a software developer in South Australia (SA).

software developer

Do you have to have a degree to work as a software developer?

Technically, yes, a degree would be of great help. The first thing a recruiting agent does is read your CV and having  a degree for a good university certainly sets you aside.

However, many of the people who made a career (and a fortune) in computer-related fields did not have a degree. This is one of the domains where a self-taught individual has as good a chance of getting a job as one with a degree.

If you approach a business owner with a brilliant idea they won’t ask about any degree. In this field, passion, brains and personal initiative are more important than a degree.

Do I need a background check to work as a software developer?

Technically, no, but getting a police clearance would certainly improve your chances of getting a good job. The point is that as a software developer you have basically unrestricted access to a company’s most sensitive data. Any manager hiring a computer geek is aware of the fact that they are powerless to stop you from accessing their computers and databases, should you wish that. You probably don’t, but the business owner doesn’t know that and they’ll ask about a background check to see what sort of person you are.

The smart thing to do is order a background check on yourself. Online, obviously. People in South Australia (SA) can use one of the various agencies that offer a national police check SA. It only takes a few minutes to fill in the form and you’ll get the result back in a couple of days. Whenever you apply for a job you can mention that you already have your police clearance, which means more points for you.

What sort of programs should I learn?

As many as you can. Computer geeks tend to obsess on certain programs and can talk for hours about its merits. Yet, this is a field where the more things you learn, the more you can do.

As a bare minimum you need to know Java, Python, SQL, Linux, GIT, DevOps etc. It would be great if you took a course or two in any of the above programs, just to have something to show for yourself, but that’s not a must.

Human skills 

Nerdie types are not known for their great social skills. This is something you need to work on actually. Being a software developer often means being part of a team and you’ll have to convince the recruiting agent that you have good social skills and you’re a good team player. 

Build up experience in the role 

Software developers are only as good as their experience. Most software developers will pass general background checks that the company requires them to undergo. A very important aspect however that hiring managers look for in the state of South Australia (SA) and also broadly within Australia is the experience of the developer. For example, has the person been involved in university projects that relate to their field? Have they built professional websites on their own? Do they know how to work with databases? What sort of technologies are they used to? And so on. Experience of a developer plays fundamentally the biggest role in helping the developer obtain employment and then better positions afterwards. 

Why not start off with an internship? Build your own site in your spare time if you are still applying for roles. Go on websites like Udemey and watch tutorials to build your skills. Don’t let time go by where you are not developing your skills and updating your knowledge with the latest technologies. This is very important.

The more experience you have, the more attractive you will be for hiring managers or HR departments who are looking for people to join their team. Experience makes a world of difference in the IT field and you should always do your best to obtain as much experience as possible. So go for it, apply for as many roles that you can, but don’t stay idle with updating your skills as time goes by.

General Information about the role 

Software developers in Australia most commonly work in a process that is well known as Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). This process and methodology is a cycle which is taught in coding school in Australia and it contains six main stages that are known as: 1. analysis, 2. design, 3. development and finally  4. testing, implementation, documentation, and then the evaluation of the entire project. 

Developers interact with advanced high powered computers on a daily basis at the core of their work. Also, developers work in teams at either IT companies or within an IT related department of a company that has a heavy focus on technological advancements within their IT sector.

Software Developers are also known to usually work within a small or large team of IT  professionals and as part of their day to day work roles they then liaise with managers (non technical people), other software engineers within the organisation, UX designers who design the software and its visual layouts and systems analysts who underpin system requirements from the top of the organisation. This process all works to ensure that the software project is functional, effective and actually serves the purpose to solve the challenges that it is intended to solve and therefore deliver actual outcomes. 

In general, good software developers are analytical individuals who have strong skills in the fields of mathematics, engineering and electronics.