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April 1, 2021

Top 10 Virtual Reality Video Games to Play in 2021
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If you wanted to play real video games virtually, three or four years ago, you needed the latest PlayStation or a supercomputer with an outstanding graphics card to download one of them from the Internet and be able to run it. Since then, the virtual reality industry has experienced an instant boom and now it is only necessary to buy specialized equipment for playing these games, which are more and more numerous every day.

The next 10 virtual reality games stand out with their unique features…

#1 Overall Best: Beat Saber

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The simulation that Beat Saber is evoking is fascinating. This game is best described by its simplicity: two glowing sabers in your hands, a stationary platform, a lot of giant colorful cubes flying towards you timed to the music, obstacles, and goals.

#2 Best for Fitness: BOXVR

Most of these games with the “fitness” label, if you get into them, can make you sweat. However, there are games that are made to get into them with your whole body. Those who played BOXVR could not stop after 10 minutes but had to complete the game being sweaty to the bones. While this game cannot be a substitute for personalized training, it is certainly a fun way to keep fit.

#3 Best Action: Pistol Whip

This game has a treadmill where you have to bend sideways and squat very often so it can be a good workout but it is also tiring. The Pistol Whip has the aesthetics of Max Payne and requires the dexterity with guns that Keanu Reeves has in the Matrix, so it is perfect for all fans of shooters.

#4 Best Sports Game: Sports Scramble

This game includes basic racquet and bat sports and allows you to compete against other people you do not know, which is perfect for games of a kind where competitive spirit is most important. The swing mechanics are especially impressive, which allow you to hit the ball from any position and point it in the desired direction, which makes you feel like you are on the real pitch while playing it.

This and similar games should not be mixed with Esports games (some of which are also VR), which are competitive and for which there is huge prize money on tournaments across the world. What also separates Esports games from games like Sports Scramble is that the former are suitable for online betting on sites that can be gathered in one place, such as Esports betting sites at

#5 Best Adventure: The Climb

Relief mountains around the world with surprisingly smart climbing mechanics require your strength and endurance. Some high mountains are great challenges to climb and you will need time to conquer them but they contribute to the length of the game. The only thing that can happen to you is that you go berserk during the first fall but every next fall is easier.

#6 Best Arcade: Space Pirate Trainer

This game is the dream come true of all those who dreamed of a 3D arcade space shooting. During it, you stand on the platform while the alien robots come your way in waves and shoot at you. This is an extremely physically demanding game because it requires a lot of flexibility, bending, and squats. The higher level you are on, the more intense it is.

#7 Best for Meditation: TRIPP

TRIPP gives you access to a variety of visual and addictive experiences. By moving your head, you direct your experience, which includes breathing exercises and soothing music. If you do not like the music, you can mute it and play a melody in the background that relaxes you.

#8 Best for Family: Moss

The main character in this game is Quill, a young mouse from the Middle Ages who goes on a unique adventure. Moss is a great interactive playset that will entertain your kids with its riddles and jigsaw puzzles that Quill solves during his journey to the forest. The game is fun and imaginary, so in addition to the desire to solve miracles, it also stimulates children’s imagination.

#9 Best Logic: I Expect You To Die

Logic games are one of the categories that contain the largest number of virtual reality video games because 360-degree interactivity can be best applied to them. These games are usually like virtual rooms from which you have to find a way out. I Expect You To Die deals with international espionage during which, as a hero, you can end up, for example, tied to a torture machine surrounded by sharks. During the game, you need to avoid all the traps and be ready to get betrayed.

#10 Best in Travel Category: Wander

This game is actually a 360-degree Google Maps Street View. Thanks to virtual reality, during the game you have the impression that you are really in a certain street. Plus, you can travel almost anywhere: show your hometown to friends or try the best roads in a particular place you really want to travel to.

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