Top 4 Promotional Strategies for New Tech Products

Top 4 Promotional Strategies for New Tech Products
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As the technologies develop, the tech companies and startups continue to rise and launch new products or services for the different groups. Yet, one may say that the number of companies and products available cause issues for the businesses. 

There is a grain of truth in it; this is how competition works. The companies should apply effective promotional strategies and convince the leads to purchase to make the new products visible. What techniques of promotion can bring results, then?

Read on to know more about top marketing promotional strategies and get tips on how to advertise a new product or service.

New Product Promotion: Strategies to Pick

The product promotion depends on the audience you are targeting and the channel you choose. The best marketing promotional strategies are concerned with the places where consumers hang out or get information from. What are they today? Different kinds of media. 

Thus, to handle a new product promotion, you should consider one of these types of promotional strategies aimed at attracting and making your potential customers interested:

Social media as a universal channel

Considering different types of promotional methods, social media provides an effective platform for both communication and engagement with large audiences. If you have an established account, your posts would be more visible to your audience. Yet, even if you are a startup, you can use it for your benefit. 

In particular, you can use targeted ads to get the attention of the leads. As soon as they visit your profile, you can invite them to a customer journey and direct them to your website or social media store. Importantly, Kickstarter entrepreneurs often use social media to create a community and support their funding campaigns.  

Besides, social media is excellent as you can have multiple options in terms of segmentation. Linkedin is ideal for B2B marketing; Instagram is popular among millennials, while Tik Tok is great for video content. Each can bring dividends by adding to your brand visibility and attracting leads. 

Email marketing and its ROI

Out of all the types of promotional strategies, the particular one is the most cost-effective. Why? The emails are widely used and provide beneficial results regarding the return of investments. Moreover, it offers direct communication with prospects. 

However, it works best if you already have a list of the customers as you already know them and they know you. That way, you can present the offer with the correct personalization and decent value. 

At the same time, if you lack contacts, you can use lead magnets or software to get people’s email addresses. The lead magnet attracts and offers value and can be distributed via ads or social media. Certain email finders can help you extract corporate emails, which is great for marketing the service for B2B leads. Here is an example of such an email extractor:

Content marketing offering a solution

Content marketing is another way of promotion. Usually, such a technique requires creating content that would provide a solution to the audience. With this strategy, you would improve brand awareness, attract attention, and increase sales. 

In terms of product promotion in a business sphere, you can make a product a part of the solution. It is a great way to present your tech products and present their qualities or the area of application. 

For instance, you can post an educational piece somewhere in your blog, a group, or a community. In a B2B community, where the experts seek solutions to automate their work and improve efficiency, a writing piece with the product or service in it can result in higher sales.

PR and influencer marketing

Lastly, another option is to use recognized media sources for new product promotion. What are they? Credible blogs, significant news platforms, experts, writers, and influencers. If you contact them and agree on a sponsored post, the latter will likely give you great coverage and improve sales.

However, one of the disadvantages of this method is its cost compared to other marketing promotional strategies. The opinion leaders with high engagement rates can give you the right coverage and provide media support. The opinion leaders with high engagement rates can give you the right coverage and provide media support.

How to Advertise a New Product

Whether you are picking one or several marketing promotional strategies for the new product promotion, you should know some tips that will allow you to show why you are different. In this regard, expertise, engagement, and special offers can become crucial for the clients’ decisions. So what are the best pieces of advice?

  • Engage with the audience via contests. Contests or giveaways across different channels are essential for connecting with the audience and showing products. Firstly, if you offer a product for free, B2C customers are likely to be interested. Secondly, that way, you can attract new leads due to reposts and mentions on social media. 
  • Make visually appealing content. Before starting promotion in business or public sectors, make sure that your pictures and videos are well designed. It is vital to appeal to the reader and underline essential information. As people’s attention span is decreasing nowadays, you should provide all the critical information interactively and clearly.
  • Start with loyal customers. When you launch a new product, make your loyal customers feel exclusive and offer them special offers or previews. It is about creating additional value and supporting the uniqueness of the product.
  • Trigger purchases with offers. Notably, you can offer specific conditions to all people who use the product for the first time. If it is beneficial for the consumers, the sales are likely to increase. In this regard, a great promotion product example would have coupons, free deals, gifts, discounts, or special loyalty programs in it.