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October 2, 2018

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Being a student nowadays is arguably more complex than ever. The amount of information you need to process and learn over the course for your education is massive. Fortunately, you have the Internet at your disposal as an invaluable resource for your studies. Apart from useful information, content, papers, and literature, there are also plenty of programs which can help you with various aspects of your studies. Here are 5 great new free programs you need to check out.

  1. GradeProof

Every student is required to write countless papers, assignments, book reports, and essays, which means you need to hone your writing skills. Complex writing assignments require perfect grammar, and if you feel as if yours is lacking, there are plenty of things you can do, from getting in touch with an essay writing service to using grammar software. One of the best choices when it comes to the latter is GradeProof.

Using artificial intelligence, GradeProof is capable of checking your work for nearly all grammar, spelling, punctuation and style errors, as well as for plagiarism. It can be used across multiple platforms, including iPad, iPhone, Chromebook, and online as a service. GradeProof also helps you rephrase your writing, so that you are able to get the target word count just right and provides suggestions for improving your style and clarity.

  1. Hemingway App

Improving your writing skills involves a lot more than simply checking your grammar. There are other, less obvious, but no less important aspects of writing which, if developed properly, can really turn you into a stellar writer. That’s where Hemingway App comes in. Apart from checking your work for errors, it also highlights phrases, sentences, and paragraphs which can be improved upon.

It shows you which sentences need to be broken up because they are too convoluted, long, or dense. Simply hover your mouse over the text which needs to be edited in order to receive helpful hints. Hemingway also helps you identify and remove passive voice, adverbs, and weakening phrases from your work.

  1. GeoGebra

It is safe to say that math is not a favorite subject for most students. However, it doesn’t have to extremely difficult if you have the right software at your disposal. GeoGebra works as a one-in-all math application which is equally useful for both beginners and advanced students, which isn’t the case with most other math apps. It can help you when it comes to algebra, algebra, drawing functions and graphs, as well as spreadsheet creation, among other things.

You can use a mobile version of the app with your smartphone or tablet as well, which is capable of drawing graphs, performing geometry tasks, and doing complex 3D calculations.

  1. OneNote

Taking notes is probably your main activity as a student, aside from actually studying for tests and exams. Since there are a lot of things that you need to write down in every class, it can become pretty annoying pretty fast. With OneNote, you can make the process a lot less painful. It works great with touchscreens if you want to take a quick note and save it, and it’s just as good when it comes to organizing, referencing, and sharing your files.

Once you come home from class, you will have a much easier job making sense of all the stuff you have heard that day. OneNote is also available on mobile, for both iOS and Android.

  1. Microsoft To-Do

Keeping track of your obligations and activities as a student is crucial, and Microsoft To-Do is one of the best apps for the job. You can organize all of your most important activities and scheduled tasks into different categories so that, for example, all of your extracurricular activities are gathered inside one list, and all of your chores in another. Although the app itself is lacking some of the features its competitors have, Microsoft is adding new functionalities on a regular basis.


These five helpful apps will not only enable you to save time and make your studying easier, but they will also help you develop your skills and organize your time in an efficient manner. You will end up being more productive, and your grades will reflect that.

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