Top 6 Operating Systems for Gaming Activities

gaming activities
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Gambling online has grown to be such a popular activity that it’s one of the major things system developers look out for when devising new versions. Back when it all started, gaming software programs were usually compatible with only one operating system. That meant if you had, for example, Windows, you would have to find specialized Windows-friendly casino software.

gaming activities

Now, it’s all different – gaming houses are very well aware that casino games are played on all types of devices, and they know they have to support all of them. This is why most casino operators nowadays adapt their software and technology to fit any system.

However, we could say that some operating systems are more gambling-friendly than the others. If you’re considering purchasing a new device or you’re curious about how your OS ranks when it comes to online gambling, we have compiled this list of the 6 best operating systems for gaming activities!


Android is definitely the king of mobile gambling, with more than 85% of the entire market belonging to this operating system. There are simply no casino operators that choose to ignore Android users – doing so would definitely mean the downfall of your app.

Since gambling operators are very well aware of the importance of Android in gambling, many of the games are developed especially for this system. This is why you can expect a top-notch gambling experience when you play on Android.


Apple’s iOS for mobile phones is definitely keeping up with Android in terms of number of users and gamblers. Even though Android has a much bigger number of online casino players, we can expect iOS gamblers to increase as the sales of iPhones increases accordingly.

When you play with iOS you can access various types of casinos with PayPal, Skrill, credit cards, casinos with Paysafecard or other voucher payment options.

Basically, just like Android, if you have an iOS device, the doors of the world of mobile gambling are wide open to you.


Next comes the veteran of operating system – the desktop Windows by Microsoft. This is one of the best-known operating systems in the entire world, and it has the biggest number of users worldwide. Windows has the majority of desktop users in UK, Russia and the rest of Europe.

All casino games, software and apps will be tailor-made to Windows, because developers know how widely used this system is. You can also enjoy an additional level of security when it comes to your payment processes and data protection.


What Windows means for Europe and the UK, Mac OS means for the US. This American system is the absolute favorite for US players. Mac is famous for beautiful design and user-friendliness. Users are prone to think: once you go Mac, you never go back! Customers who decide for Mac devices remain loyal to it for a lifetime.

Online casino operators, therefore, make sure that each piece of their software and all games are Mac-friendly, too. If you own a Mac device, you will have a great selection of casino software to choose from.


Open-source operating systems like Linux, Ubuntu or others are also widely popular, both in Europe and the US. The benefits of playing games running Linux is that it’s even more user-friendly than other operating systems, with  better security measures.

However, if you’re running your computer on Linux or Ubuntu, you might have a somewhat limited offer of casinos you can choose from.


Even though Blackberry achieved raving success in the early 2000’s, nowadays it only accounts for 1% of the smartphone market. It has been totally trumped by Android and iOS. Nevertheless, it’s still the choice of some old-school business users, who love it for its high-security and email-focused interface.

It might be quite hard to find a Blackberry compatible casino nowadays, but if you do a quick Google search, you will be able to find some that are especially tailored to Blackberry devices.