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August 19, 2020

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Google has a huge presence in our day to day lives. Be it the professional work environment where we use Google’s suite of apps to get our work done and collaborate or in our homes where we listen to some music or watch movies with Youtube.

There is no doubt that  Google’s products are one of the most well built applications but in this day and age when the issue of privacy is of utmost concern, looking at alternatives might not be a bad idea. 

Alternatives to apps like Gmail or Photos not only help in the security aspect of things but the argument can also be presented to showcase the different options out there, that provide vastly different user experiences.

In this post we look at the different alternatives to Google’s Gmail.

Microsoft Outlook For Mail

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If there is a close contender to  Google’s Gmail service it has to be Microsoft’s Outlook. Outlook provides a great user interface and is the prefered choice of email client for multiple companies.

Outlook provides a lot of features that are implemented well such as great calendar integration and Smart lookup.

Outlook comes with an easy to use built in calendar making syncing tasks easy to do. The smart lookup feature helps in searching for relevant websites, images or information in general based on words highlighted by the user.

Outlook comes bundled with the Bing search engine. This enables the Smart Lookup feature.

You can check out Microsoft Outlook here.

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If you are looking for a high security and high privacy option. ProtonMain is your go to. Proton mail provides end to end encryption and even features like self destructing messages.

ProtonMail differs from the other high security options by being easy to use, having a clean user interface. Proton main however does not provide as much storage space at other options right off the bat but it is worth paying for.

ProtonMail however does not have good calendar support, so if that’s something you are looking for you won’t find it here. 

You can check out ProtonMail here.


Tutanota is another privacy centric alternative to Gmail. Tutanota provides security features like ProtonMail but also has good calendar integration. Tutanota offers multiple security features such as end to end encryption.

In the case of Tutanota not only are the email communications end to end encrypted, but also the inbox, contacts and even the  calendar.

Tutanota also goes a step further by implementing

or 2 factor authentication. This allows you to use any third party key providers like Yubikey.

The highlight however is the encrypted calendar features that integrates will with their mail client making it a good alternative for day to day usage. The free tier also comes with 1GB of storage which is twice as much as ProtonMail.

You can check out Tutanota here.

No Gmail Forever?

That is clearly not what we are advocating.Gmail is great service but has somewhat become the defacto standard for email. The Gmail alternatives provide great bang for buck and also some great security features.

So we recommend that you use one of these other services because it’s worth moving at least some of your email traffic over to more secure options.

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