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May 18, 2022

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Let’s face it, every College or University student right now has one need or the other for a laptop. It’s an intricate tool every student needs to phase through their college course works and graduate with flying colors. But beyond the multiple reading and research hours, students also need laptops for their leisure.

So, whether you’re looking for the best laptop for research and study purposes, a laptop that can handle multiple tasks, or a simple all-rounder while still keeping the state of your pocket healthy, here are some of the best student laptop recommendations which we’ve reviewed.

Top College Student Laptops In 2022

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This review includes not just the sellable features but the cons as well. This way, you can compare the full specs and make the best choice.


We start off with a product that optimizes cost and specifications to give you that sweet spot you’re looking for. A look at the specifications:

  • 8th generation Intel core i5-8250
  • Intel UHD graphics
  • 14-inch display 
  • HDMI and type C ports
  • 256GB SSD storage, 8GB RAM

The beauty of this economic jackpot gadget is that it guarantees quality all-around performance coupled with a solid build that ensures you don’t need to replace it for years to come. And take a look at that storage capacity! The battery life is okay (up to 11 hours) and you get a pre-installed copy of Windows 10. However, if you’re studying an art-related course that requires a lot of photo editing and heavy Photoshop, then you might want to look elsewhere.


We’ve got a little something for those students who like to dabble in content creation. This affordable laptop comes packed with features that enable you to test the waters of creative content creation. Specifications include:

  • Ryzen 9 5900HX / 5800H CPU
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 graphics
  • 8/16/32GB RAM. 
  • 256/ 512/ 1TB storage capacity
  • 14-inch OLED display

This lightweight laptop offers seamless functionality that enables the use of a wide range of content-creating apps and control of work editing. The catch is that you don’t get the best overall performance and battery life isn’t so great.


For students looking for a laptop with a large display, look no further as this magicbook comes with a 16.1 inch full HD display. Added to this massive display is a screen with a refresh rate of 144Hz for smooth navigation, 16GB of RAM, and, a storage capacity of up to 512GB.

The Honor Magicbook is great for studying and streaming during leisure hours and the refresh rate allows for a smoother experience during gaming. Not on the same level as most competitors in terms of performance but for a student laptop, it does hold its own in daily task execution. However, we did notice that the battery life is not so good and at 1.84kg, it might be hard to carry around.


Speaking of laptops and their weight, this 13.3 inch QHD device offers a sleek combination of portability and decent performance. It’s no world-beater but it does offer a decent display and screen size, a storage capacity of up to 512GB, facial recognition system, and a great processor known as the 11th Gen Intel core.

The biggest perk to owning this laptop is the ease of carrying it around. Say goodbye to overweighed backpacks because this Lenovo yoga slim weighs as much as a notepad. You can definitely find better options when it comes to battery life and high task performance but the Lenovo Yoga Slim is solid and can help you get productive.

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