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August 7, 2020

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To initiate any kind of communication in the UK, one must dial an area code before the phone number. Area codes are required to get connected with the extension of that particular region. 

There are many UK area codes and 0151 is amongst one of them. Here, one can gather all the vital information on the 0151 area code for the UK, find out its utility, and learn about ways to get the right kind of area code number with cNumber. 

0151 Area Code – The Overview 

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0151 is the area code of Liverpool, UK. Its covered area extends to the Wirral peninsula and nearby vicinity along with the West Kirby to the west, Widnes to the east, Formby to the north, and Ellesmere Port to the south. 


When counties are concerned, the entire Merseyside and area of Cheshire are covered under this area code. The original area code consists of only two figures and was formed based upon the principles of the All Figure Dialling system. 

The existing area code format came into being after April 16th, 1995 when 1 was added as a prefix to most of the area codes. 

This area code should add before the 7-digit landline/mobile phone number in order to remain functional. 

Businesses and individuals can purchase geographic phone numbers with area code 0151 to initiate cost-effective and hassle-free communication.  

cNumber – The Nonpareil Way To Get 0151 Area Code Number 

Wondering how to reduce calling costs and build repo with local customers? cNumber might help you with this. 

cNumber is the UK’s leading virtual phone number service provider that offers a wide range of geographic and VoIP phone numbers. From their extensive list, one can choose a cloud-based local phone number of leading business hubs of the UK and Liverpool is no exception. 

One can choose the right kind of local business phone number of 0151 area code and can: 

  • Get established as a reliable local business 
  • Impresses local customers 
  • Gain high ranking in local SEO
  • Reduce call incurring charges 

The diligent use of local phone numbers with 0151 area code has proven positive impacts on the team’s productivity, business’s local presence, and various other fronts. 

Takeaway with cNumber 

cNumber’s local phone number is more than a business telephony system. It’s the ideal growth partner helping businesses on several fronts. The takeaways are quite generous. The below list explains them all. 

Huge savings 

To set-up a business communication system in a foreign land, one must have huge ready-to-invest capital which is not readily available. 

cNumber’s local phone numbers have an on-cloud deployment structure and act as plug-and-play tools. Without dragging a business into time and money consuming system set-up and installation, they can be at work. 

All the telephony components are deployed on-cloud and are managed entirely by cNumber. The only thing a business has to use them is to buy a business plan which is again pocket-friendly. 

Optimal performance 

The local phone number of cNumber does more than a business communication system. Its feature suite turns into a highly advanced business resource that can fortify things and yield out better results at every front. 

Internet fax, Voicemails, Virtual PBX, Auto Call Answering and Call controller are just among the many features that enable a business to optimize workflow and support optimal performance delivery. 

Better call management 

The VoIP service of cNumber allows a business to create as many as extensions are required over the same number. This allows better call management at zero cost. 

These extensions can attend a high number of incoming calls and ensure no call goes unanswered. With features like auto call distribution, there will be even call distribution amongst the agents. 

The last piece of advice 

Liverpool and the rest of the area that is covered under the 0151 area code is the premium business location. When explored rightly, this market has ample of opportunities for start-ups and big fat firms. 

With the help of the 0151 area code number from cNumber, one can gain impeccable significance in the targeted local market at the drop of the hat. 

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