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April 24, 2023

Wagers And How They Work In Online Pokies
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Wagers And How They Work In Online Pokies

To attract new customers and increase the loyalty of regular visitors, casinos offer bonuses. They are issued under different conditions and provide for wagering requirements. A wager is what you need to consider first while learning about bonuses that you can spend on playing online pokies. It affects the profitability of promotional offers at online casinos.

Wagers specify how many times the amount of bets should exceed the amount of the bonus issued. In terms of promotions, its value comes after the letter “x”.

For example, x25 indicates that a casino visitor needs to make a turnover of the bonus amount 25 times. Then the funds will be transferred to the main account balance and will be available for withdrawal.

Common Bonus Restrictions

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When studying the information on the promotions pages, you need to consider not only the odds but also other wagering conditions:

●      Available games. Their list usually doesn’t include online pokies with high returns and jackpots, some versions of poker, roulette, and card games.

●      Limit on the maximum amount per spin. When wagering bonus money, operators usually don’t allow players to place large bets.

●      Deadline. Wagering requirements must be fulfilled in a limited time. For example, users should complete everything in 1-3 days or 2 weeks. If participants fail to meet the deadline, they lose the bonus and all the winnings received thanks to it.

Existing restrictions are available on the pages with the terms of promotional offers. If they have no detailed information or there are any questions, you need to ask for clarification.

Types Of Wagers

Casinos offer different promotions for customers. Depending on the type of bonus, they provide the following types of wagers:

●      On no deposit bonuses. Casinos put strict wagering requirements. This is due to the fact that you don’t need to deposit an account to receive no-deposit bonuses. Wagers can be x60, x70, or higher.

●      On the first deposits. Multipliers are lower than those of no deposit: x30, x35, x40, or x45.

●      On free spins. For them, operators set separate multipliers for wagering, even if free spins are issued along with the bonus money. Wager values range from x35 to x55.

●      On reload bonuses. They are available to regular customers, so they have low wagering requirements from x20 to x30.

Wagers may apply at the same time on the bonus and deposit. Such a requirement isn’t beneficial to gamblers because they need to make a turnover of a larger amount. This reduces the likelihood of its wagering and subsequent withdrawal.

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How To Wager Bonuses Correctly

Casinos allow you to bet on different types of gambling games, but it’s better to choose online pokies. For other games, the attribution is less – 3-20%. Because of this, users need more time to wager bonuses.

It’s recommended to follow these principles when fulfilling wagering requirements:

●      Choose slots with RTP from 96%. They bring more winnings.

●      Test online pokies for payoff before betting money in demo mode.

●      Play on the medium stakes. Betting small amounts is unprofitable.

●      Take into account the variance of the slot. It affects the frequency and size of the resulting payouts. For wagering, online pokies with medium or low dispersion are more suitable. They allow a long time to keep the bankroll.

●      Choose slots with prize features, special characters, free spins, and additional rounds.

On thematic sites, users often share a list of online pokies, convenient for wagering bonuses. It’s recommended to study the reviews, technical characteristics, and choose the best titles for the game.

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