What Adobe XD Can Do For You

What Adobe XD Can Do For You
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What Adobe XD Can Do For You

One of the fastest and most reliable UX design solutions currently on the market, Adobe XD lets you create and collaborate on everything from prototypes to mockups to full designs. But what is it exactly? And what can you use it for? Let’s find out.

What is Adobe XD?

Also known as Adobe Experience Design, Adobe XD is the brand’s intuitive digital design tool for websites and apps. Developed from the ground up, specifically with UI and UX design in mind, the app can be used to design anything you please, be it a smartwatch app or a fully-fledged website with many moving parts.

As part of the design giant’s suite of software, Adobe XD promises a more optimized design process for all users, especially if they come from other UX design tools like Sketch or Figma. Through the program, users can create wireframes, prototypes, and mockups displayed in live previews on both desktop and mobile devices. Elements can also be easily created and used with the program’s own set of character and layout tools.

List of Adobe XD Features

Adobe XD has a growing list of critical features that seem to get a little better with each update. One primary feature is familiarity, as users from other Adobe apps will be met with a light and basic interface akin to other Adobe apps.

From there, Adobe’s ultimate UX design tool will provide you with other key features like:

•Ability to prototype using linked artboards

•Design using voice commands

•Repeat grid that enables you to replicate different elements

•Create and design symbols for logos and buttons

•Keyboard shortcuts for a faster and smoother workflow

•Automatic responsive resizing for objects on artboards

•Automatically generated CSS snippets in design specs, making it easier to copy and paste

•Compatibility with a growing list of custom plugins

•Ability to edit Photoshop images and files right in XD

•Extensive documentation and tutorials to make learning easier

•Integration with other valuable tools such as Slack and Jira, to name a few

•Mobile functionality for sharing and commenting, letting you work on the go

•Ability to share designs and prototypes with other people, such as clients and collaborators

•Automatically animating changes between artboards, allowing you to create cool interactive content or micro-interactions

•A new co-editing feature in the works

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What is Adobe XD used for?

Built with mobile and web design experiences in mind, Adobe XD is a vector-based digital design tool that can be used to create websites and apps. However, its abundance of tools and features make it scalable, meaning that Adobe XD can be used for all types of projects.

Examples include web, app, voice assistant, and game design, to name but a few.

Intuitive Solution

As a complete design and feedback solution, Adobe XD offers an exciting and intuitive blend between Sketch and Figma.

However, if you’re looking into starting web design, the design giant offers other apps you can highly benefit from. One such app is Adobe CC, which provides an excellent resource for new and seasoned designers via its Adobe CC Ideas content hub. Best of all, beginners can get student software deals and discounts from Adobe CC to help you save more.