What are the Consequences of a No Strings Attached Relationship

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No Strings Attached is a Relationship where you are not tied down with commitments and responsibilities. This relationship has only one focus, and that is sex. This type of relationship is great for people who want the physical aspects without having to commit to a relationship.

That is all great, but is that what always happens? No, some things are really too good to be true. You might wonder what can go wrong when you are not attached, not answerable, you have no responsibility, no monogamy, and definitely no-fuss.

The answer is everything. We are humans, you cannot choose to shut the other aspects down like it is just a function you don’t want to use just yet. Believe it or not, physical acts are as intimate as you can get. This intimacy can make people attached, or make one of the participants in the relationship develop feelings. When that happens, it can turn into a messy affair.

One of the main reasons for that is that people who are busy with their careers mostly opt for a no strings attached relationship because they have no time for an actual relationship. They end up in an arrangement with people they would have actually dated. This ends up in either them or the other party falling for the other person.

When the person with no feelings doesn’t make the person with feelings their priority, it can make them feel neglected and trapped.

Because there is no priority and no monogamy, this can cause a number of problems. Sex can be not present, now this will confuse you, how can a relationship based on something cannot have that exact same thing. Well, for starters, you are not a priority so the other person can always put work, career, kids, whatever before you so matching schedules can be a task.

For one encounter, you might have to schedule it a week in advance or make plans several times to meet once. This can get frustrating. Also, because it is not monogamous, they could be busy with another person, this can sometimes result in jealousy.

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Setting ground rules to not end up in this predicament in a no strings attached relationship is essential, but you can never be too sure. If you always end up catching feelings, or the other person ends up catching feelings for you, then it might be a better thing to look for different options.