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August 31, 2021

What Does A Software Developer Do
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Games, applications, computer programs… Software developers are the brains behind all that.

What Does A Software Developer Do

From that mobile game you can’t seem to stop playing, to the application that helps you communicate with your friends worldwide. Software developers are the minds behind those applications that make your life easier and more exciting.

Aren’t they just programmers? Well, not exactly.

You see, programmers have a specific job in creating software. Theirs is to write codes, test them, and fix bugs in those codes. They follow a software design or plan and write their codes accordingly.

Software developers, on the other hand, are another thing entirely. Software developers are in charge of the entire software development. They have a lot of functions.

  • They undergo research for the software.
  • They analyze user needs and decide what features have to be on the software.
  • They design the different parts of the application and decide how they go together.
  • They test the software after development.
  • They analyze user responses and make changes to the software design accordingly.
  • And sometimes, they code.

A software developer has a finger in every slice of the software pie.

So, developers are actually programmers with a broader scope of responsibility. They make the software designs and hand them over to the programmers to code or, in smaller companies, write the codes themselves.

Types of Developers

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Software developers can be classified into two groups:

  • Applications Software Developers: These are involved in designing mobile or computer applications.
  • Systems Software Developers: These are involved in designing backend programs. These are the parts of software that are not seen by the end-user.

Software Developer Blogs

Although they might not write the code, a software developer must be well-versed in many programming languages and computer tools. And in our quickly developing world, keeping track of new tools and programs gets difficult.

That’s where the software developer blogs come in.

These are platforms where developers share experiences, tips, and tricks on software development and have fun learning and relating with people in the same field.

Some of them include:

  • Dzone.

Dzone is a popular software developer website where you can get tools and strategies for everything software. They arrange webinars, tutorials and write articles for Javascript, DevOps, Git, and many more.

They even give tips on the other parts of developing, like leading a team or strategies to work without burning out. It’s awesome for both veteran developers and newbies.

  • GeeksforGeeks.

This is another website where you can get tech insights and advice. They also organize tutorials and online courses on tech-related subjects. And they even have a puzzle section. Sweet, isn’t it?

  • The Daily WTF.

The first two blogs on this list would give you a how-to guide on software development; this one is a how-not-to guide.

The Daily WTF gathers mistakes in coding and development and analyzes them to show just how disastrous they were and ways to avoid making those mistakes.

It’s a humorous website that is educative in a ‘the roast’ kind of way.

  • Joel on Software.

This is a website created by Joel Spolsky, a veteran software developer, in 2000. Over a thousand articles are on the website, demystifying many programming concepts and sharing Joel’s software experiences.

It is a veritable treasure trove of knowledge for software developers spanning two decades.

  • Coding Horror.

This blog was created by a veteran software developer named Jeff Atwood in 2004. Jeff scribbles down his thoughts on programming languages and issues concerning software development.

Here’s a fun fact: Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky worked together to create the Stack Exchange Network of Q&A sites.

Jeff encourages emails and questions based on his blog topics, so you can actually have correspondence with an established developer in the field. Nice.


Software development isn’t a walk in the park. Developers go above and beyond programming to what is essentially a leadership position with a myriad of responsibilities.

A software developer must have a grasp of everything, from user experience to app store optimization.

It is a very demanding line of work. So, maybe next time you see a software developer, buy them a cup of coffee. They must be stressed.

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