What should we expect from Smartphones in 2021?

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COVID-19 changed everything in 2020. Much of the world’s population was forced to quarantine in hopes of spreading the virus. That led most of humanity to rely on video calls and social networks more than we expected. Our phones were an integral part of keeping everybody connected. It was our source of entertainment, but our only way to see our loved ones face-to-face. 

Luckily, technology innovation was progressive throughout the year. Despite the hellfire that was 2020, phone makers kept everything on track. The year 2021 should be an even better year of the smartphone. With that said, it’s time we took a sneak peek at what to expect from smartphones in 2021. 

5G network everywhere

Samsung became the first phone maker to add 5G to all of its devices. The high price tag was attached to the phone as well. However, from researching the recent trends to placing a bid on Unibet India, the network was fast and reliable. By the end of the year, 5G was adopted by Apple, Google, Nokia, and others. 

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In 2021, it’s clear that more phones will have 5G. We should expect to see many phone makers follow suit. Even the majority of mid-range phones will likely have 5G. Google offers the most affordable phones with 5G, such as the Pixel 4a 5G. Will more phones offer 5G offered below $400. Stay tuned to the year and we shall see. 

Foldable phones

Remember the Envy? It was a tight-knit foldable phone that had a full keyboard. Granted, the keys were very small, so spelling errors came in a surplus. As we head into the new year, phone makers are bringing back the foldable phone, but without the keyboard. The Z Fold 2 was very popular, which led to this trend. The only downside was that the phone was $1,400. For now, the foldable phone will not be a high volume piece. 

Improved recording features

The age of recording everything that is happening in the world has its pros and cons. It’s made some famous people look silly, while it has highlighted social injustice. The new wave of phones will have improved 8K video captures. We first saw an 8K video capture with the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. The great news for consumers is that a wide variety of chips support 8K video capture. 

Faster Displays

Potentially the best trend in 2020 was the proliferation of fast displays. Phone makers ramped up the refresh rate on their screens. With faster refresh rates, it offers a smooth experience for the gamer or professional gambler. We saw this first implemented with the ROG Phone 3 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. 

In 2021, high-fresh-rate screens will be the norm. Nobody wants to wait around any more. Apple has not caught up with this trend yet, so hopefully, they will catch up with the times. If not, there will be plenty of competitors that do it instead.