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August 16, 2021

What Tech Keeps Online Transactions Safe
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Anyone who has access to a decent internet connection is sure to have browsed online stores and at the very least been tempted to make a purchase. Millions of online transactions take place on a daily basis across the world but why do people trust the internet when buying a product or service? There are several forms of entertainment online, with gambling being a good example but to participate you must make a transaction, usually in the form of a deposit for online casino and sports betting websites. The question is, what tech keeps online transactions safe?

What Tech Keeps Online Transactions Safe

Safety is paramount

When assessing if a website is safe for making payments, you must check the address bar of your browser, where you will find the SSL protocol. This encrypts information that goes through the website, including payment details and is an important piece of technology, especially for those using credit and debit cards to make a payment. The padlock icon means the website is safe and you can use a card to make a payment without worrying about your details being stolen by a third party.

Tokenisation technology is another great creation that helps to keep online transactions secure. When making a payment online, companies need to carry out checks to ensure you are a genuine customer and the details you provide match-up. Tokenisation technology does this without having to compromise the security of a transaction using tokens. The tokens are made of random strings of characters, and these replace crucial information, such as the number on a credit card. If a hacker steals the token, the information they receive will be useless as it is comprised of random characters. Tokenisation technology is being used by the major card issuers, such as VISA and gives peace of mind when conducting online transactions.

Which brands supply the protection?

Thinking specifically about those who want to make an online payment for entertainment purposes, such as playing casino games, there are several payment methods available. A good example is Revolut. This Revolut payment method was launched in the UK in 2015 and now has over 12 million customers worldwide. Although Revolut is not as widely accepted across the UK as some of the other payment methods highlighted in this article, it does use much the same technology, including fingerprint authorisation. If you are using a smartphone or tablet to conduct a transaction using Revolut, you have the option to log-into your account using your fingerprint. This helps to keep your account safe in physical situations and it is impossible for anyone else to login to your account using fingerprint scanning technology.

Disposable virtual cards is another great layer of security when making transactions online. If you are depositing money into an online gambling account, you can use disposable virtual cards in place of physical cards. Disposable virtual cards can only be used once to make a deposit online and having completed the transaction, the card is destroyed, and the numbers replaced, meaning they cannot be used for more than one transaction. So, even if someone attempting to steal your details did manage to read the number on your card, the information would be useless to them. 3D Secure authentication is one of the latest pieces of technology that helps to keep online transactions safe. If you make a deposit at an online casino or bookmaker using a payment method that uses 3D Secure authentication, you will receive a notification asking you to login to your account and verify the payment. Using tokens or biometrics to authenticate cardholder information, only the person using the card will have access to the account, meaning third parties will not be able to verify the transaction.

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