By Meghna Deshraj

February 7, 2022

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It was John Gray who said, “men are from Mars.” I couldn’t agree more with him. Though it’s an old chestnut, the salient fact remains that fundamental differences exist between males and females. The womenfolk have not yet realized this truth for eons. Men have different communication preferences. For example, while men view communications and interactions as a means to an end, for women, it is not so. When I ask ladies who come to me complaining about their partner’s lack of interest in conversations, “do you know what men love to talk about?” I receive blank stares.

“Have you tried engaging him in topics related to stocks, technology, or love and relationship?” I ask again. I receive blank stares again. Women indeed love to talk. Men too. Yup, you heard that. But, talk about what exactly? We’ll get to that.

Ladies, it’s not every time your man stonewalls you that he’s angry with you or giving you the silent treatment. Women make a lot of assumptions in this period and end up judging wrongly, or jumping to conclusions that it has got to do with them. Sometimes, he’s just tired of talking about you, what you like, and whatnots. If you are interested in what men, your man, loves talking about, you are in the right place.

Just keep reading! I promise to reveal 3 of the top topics men love talking about. Let’s begin. The first thing men love to talk about is…


Sounds weird, right? Yeah. Men love to talk about money. No man wants to be broke. It’s a lonely place to be in. It hurts a man’s pride seeing that he can’t provide for his family or his woman. So, a man would do anything as long as it’s legitimate to make ends meet.

When men talk about money, what do they talk about exactly? Getting a job, investing in a business, or stocks. Most men are always on the lookout for the best growth stocks to buy and what stocks will go up.

When it comes to business, most men are on the lookout for the next big thing to invest their money in. Though most people have prospective business ideas, they hate the thought of building it from the scratch. What they do is find a business (with good prospects), study the business landscape, narrative, business plan, financial statements, and the investment structure before putting their money in it. I admit that not all men talk about these. But, heck, this is 2022!

When it comes to jobs, men always look for the next higher-paying job. So, they make inquiries from their friends while whining and complaining about their current job.

The next thing men love to talk about again is…

Love and Relationship

Women are not the only ones interested in topics related to love and relationship. Men also love to discuss their love lives. However, men don’t discuss what women love to discuss in love-related matters. For example, a man would love to discuss dating challenges and how to solve them rather than the butterflies they feel in their stomach.

Sometimes men would even love to open up and discuss some sensitive issues such as the sexual problems in their lives, but the truth is they are scared of being judged by their women. Small conversations turn into big ones. The next thing that follows is needless drama. So, they just shy away to prevent it from progressing to that stage.

Many women assume men don’t actively participate in raising a child. That’s not true. When men meet in a hangout, they spend some part of the time discussing how to raise children. They constantly debate on the best models to incorporate in raising their children. Every right-thinking man wants to be thought a better man to his wife and kids.

Interestingly, men also talk about the future of their relationships. In addition, they discuss better ways to manage their emotions in the event of an altercation in the relationship. They are even chided by friends if they managed a situation poorly or allowed their emotions to get the best of them. Understanding your partner’s love language will solve a lot of your relationship problems and keep relationship friction at a minimum, learn about that here.


If you want to get a man talk, talk about technology! Most men are fascinated by the latest technology. What many women consider as real talks such as TV shows, latest fashion trends, and whatnots are considered superficial by the menfolk. These days, to a large extent, people are defined by the gadgets they use. It makes them stand out. A sort of status symbol. Also, there’s a type of freedom that comes with using a gadget.

It is somewhat an ego booster to a man. He sees it. He owns it. Men love what they can master. For example, a gadget obeys your command and has no demand. Furthermore, it makes you look trendy. Men could spend a whole day arguing and talking about technology, the latest gadget, a new software, or some crazy techie stuff.

Next time you’re with your man, ask him questions about the latest technology or gadget out there and watch his eyes lit with excitement as he tries to explain the cons and pros of the said gadget or latest technology. You can also keep yourself abreast with the latest technology on this site.

The Take-home Message

Getting a man to talk, not just talk, but to talk for extended periods, is not rocket science. You are not just pushing the right buttons. Most men fear rejection and, by default, have assumed that women are critical of them. Secondly, being vulnerable is not a quality ingrained in many men. The real bummer is being judgmental and expecting him to pour his heart out to you.

However, to make your man chatty, be willing to listen and don’t force the issue. You may also want to spice your talks with technology, stocks, love & relationship, etc., these are topics that interest a man and will get him to open up.

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