By Shilpa Jain

July 16, 2020

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Technology and computers are an essential part of life in the 21st century. Even the meager tasks like turning on the lights are now application-based. The tools and techniques matter a lot to build and modify applications. The latest method of low code development is increasing day-by-day. As we know, the demand for developers with knowledge of new programming languages is increasing rapidly. On the contrary, there are the low-code platforms that can build applications with less coding skills which can run complex activities of complex applications.

How low-code platforms can help businesses


The opportunities are available which can open a different dimension for building applications. The skills of a highly-experienced programmer is not a necessity anymore. Hence, it can reduce the time and cost of manual coding. 

Things you should know before using low-code platforms

There are several things you should keep in mind before building new applications. First, you should ask yourself the following questions:

What is low-code?

Low-code is the visual development of drag-and-drop components to build an application. You can build applications with ease using this method. Non-coders with no expertise in programming languages can also build the application easily. The low-code builds a relation with users easier to understand and helps in decision making.

Which low-code platform you should use?

This is not about which platform you should use; this is about which platform suits you. There are numerous of low-code platforms with amazing features. These platforms can help developers to save their time. There are built-in modules that can be used for building applications. One thing you should keep in mind i.e. you must have the knowledge of the tools; how to use them? The users might have either minimum knowledge or no actual knowledge about the tool or development. 

What do you want to build?

A good design is good business. So, a creative mind can recognize the problems and can build the applications by solving the problems faced. Customizable UI/UX can give you a modern approach. It is important to look at all the viewpoints ideally. 

You must know about the objectives while building the application:

  • What are the business requirements?
  • What are the user requirements?

There are not enough developers to go around. Businesses should have noticed that software development can be complex and costly, and not everything within the enterprise is precautious. Not all your applications need to be perfect or come with a variety of features; sometimes basic, working software environment is enough to enable a team or department to become more productive and deliver more value. You can see how businesses seek to deal with the fact that they can’t build everything themselves.

Advantages of things you can build in low-code platforms

There are many advantages to using low-code platforms. Hence, it can improve efficiency and performance.

Building a prototype

You can build a prototype in a very little time. There are APIs available with most simple UIs, so you can build apps over other apps. It is simpler compared to the hard-traditional coding. The companies can enable rapid delivery of business applications with minimal upfront investment in setup, training, and deployment but also with minimal use of hand-coding.

User interface design

Enterprise software is often classified as computer software designed to fulfill the needs of an organization rather than the needs of individual users. If you apply significant effort on the individual user experience for an application too, you can achieve long-term success.

Here are some benefits of a well-designed enterprise application:

  • Increases the development time
  • Increases the productivity
  • Reduces costs
  • Increases customer interaction
  • Simplifies everything

Personal application:

Developing an app can be a complicated process. From acknowledging how it will suit your existing business model to learning the skills required to turn it into a reality. Fortunately, several low-code app development options exist to aid business owners, marketers, hobbyists, and others to remove pressure from app creation. 

You can create applications such as;

  • Marketing software
  • Educational software
  • Multimedia software
  • Application suits
  • Integrated software
  • Automation software

Building an app is not an easy task if you’ve never done it before. But with the use of low-code platforms, you can learn and build applications easily.

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